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What You Should Know

The Six Word Diet is the brainchild of Beth Drennan, a woman who struggled to lose weight. Written for the person who has tried a variety of diets but found that none of them really work, this book aims to be the last diet book a person needs. This is called the Six Word Diet because it stands for “Eat 100 Calories Every 90 Minutes.” The basis of this diet is to eat small meals every hour and a half as long as they don’t exceed 100 calories.

Beth Drennan claims to have lost 70 pounds using the philosophy she created about eating small meals frequently. The diet doesn’t prohibit dieters from eating anything, as long as they don’t exceed the 100-calorie limit. Apparently, a dieter can gorge on 100 calories of chocolate cake, or nosh on a handful of apples until they reach 100 calories.


Since this is a diet plan without prepackaged foods or supplements, there are no ingredients.

Product Features

The Six Word Diet is an Ebook sold from Drennan’s blog. For $10, she claims that anyone can have the secret of successful weight loss. The book explains step-by-step the process of eating frequently throughout the day while managing not to exceed the calorie limit. She lists which foods and how much of them equal 100 calories. She also explains how to stay on the diet when eating at a restaurant. This diet book claims to work with other diets that a person may be on, such as South Beach or Atkins, and is workable with any eating lifestyle such as vegan or clean eating.

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  • This diet allows a person to eat frequently and doesn’t restrict the food choice.
  • For only $10, it’s one of the cheaper diet books on the market.
  • The author has a Facebook page where users can talk with each other for support.


  • This is not a proven diet. It’s simply a method a lady used that worked for her.
  • There are no before pictures of the author to prove that she was at one point overweight. All she does is hold up a large pair of pants and say she used to wear that size.
  • The amount of time a person needs to eat a day may not be possible for a lot of people who are restricted from eating that often due to work or other obligations.


While it’s tempting to purchase a new diet book that seems to utilize an innovative diet idea, remember that most diets are researched and proven before being marketed to the public. The Six Word Diet is merely an experiment tried by someone who claims to have had success by eating 100 calorie meals every 90 minutes. And since the author isn’t a dietician or nutritionist, there doesn’t appear to be any advice on exercising for better health. Anyone serious about losing weight should consider a product marketed by a doctor or health professional.

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