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Prohormones are part of the bodybuilding supplement line. Many bodybuilders shy away from prohormones because most are included on a controlled substance list started by the United States government, but prohormones are chemicals and as such, they can be manipulated and recreated to form new chemical compounds. The new compounds work the same as the controlled prohormones, but they are not on the controlled list because they are completely new. Size 350 comes with the same potential side effects as other prohormones, even ones on the controlled substance list. Bodybuilders have reported headaches, rubber-band feeling muscles, cramping, water retention and more. Liver damage, increased cholesterol and increased blood pressure are also associated with prohormone use.

It is very important to follow the cycle of Size 350 with post cycle therapy. Post cycle therapy helps support healthy organ function and reduce blood pressure/cholesterol.

List of Ingredients

17beta-hydroxy 2alpha, 17beta-, dimethyl 5alpha-androstan-on azine and 13-Ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-(2, 5), 10-diene-17-one.

Testosterone Amplification: Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Fenugreek Seed Powder, Milk Thistle and Stinging Nettle Leaf.

Product Features

The prohormones in Size 350 are denoted by the ingredients with long, scientific names. These are derivatives of controlled prohormones and they are methylated so they have a significant impact on liver function.

The Testosterone Amplification blend is nothing more than natural libido boosters with a bit of milk thistle thrown in. Milk thistle supports liver health and function. It does nothing for testosterone levels. The remaining ingredients will not affect testosterone levels either. Most often, these ingredients are shunned by bodybuilders because there is no proof, either scientific or real world that supports claims of increased testosterone.

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  • Size 350 is available for sale online – though in limited quantities.
  • The prohormone will increase muscle mass.
  • Includes milk thistle to support liver function.


  • Prohormones may cause dangerous side effects.
  • The supplement effects may not last past the cycle.
  • PCT is needed to help the body recover.
  • This product is not designed to improve weight loss.


Every now and again, the government makes a huge mistake and they are caught picking up the pieces. When prohormones were placed on a controlled substance list, the powers that be did not take into consideration that chemical compounds can be changed. Prohormones are compounds and thus, the formulas were changed and new products developed. The new products are different, but the same. Size 350 will increase muscle mass, but it will also increase blood pressure and cholesterol, so the user must take proper supplements after the Size 350 cycle to counteract these effects. Some supplements are designed to be taken with prohormones to prevent these side effects.

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