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Once your lunch has worn off, you might begin to feel a bit fatigued. With no energy to keep you going, it can be a challenge to get through the day. While you could grab a coffee or shot of espresso to wake you up, there are alternatives. The energy drink is one option that you might consider. You are not just limited to Red Bull and Monster energy beverages at this point. There are plenty of others to select from as well. One option is SK Energy Shot, which comes in flavors like grape and orange mango. You can purchase a 12-pack of this energy drink for around $36 on the GNC website.


  • Vitamin B6 100%
  • Vitamin B12 100%
  • Caffeine 100mg
  • Sodium Citrate Citicoline
  • Water
  • Natural Flavors
  • Sucralose
  • Acesulfame Potassium
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Ginkgo Leaf Extract
  • Citric Acid

Product Features

SK Energy Shot can be consumed twice a day, six to eight hours apart. This product may help improve mental clarity and energy levels. Unlike some energy drinks and shots, it is free of sugar and calories, so it should not lead to weight gain. Then again, this energy shot is not intended to cause weight loss either. If you drink this shot, you should be aware of any other caffeinated beverages you consume, just so you do not consume too much caffeine, and cause side effects.

This energy shot provides 100% of your daily Vitamin B6 and B12, as well as 100 milligrams of Caffeine. These ingredients help increase your energy levels and focus. According to the bottleā€™s label, SK Energy Shot contains a Rebel Energy Blend of 464 milligrams. Another key ingredient is Gingko Leaf Extract, which may help enhance mental clarity.

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  • SK Energy Shot will give you an energy boost.
  • This energy drink is free of sugar and calories.


  • There are some customer complaints about the taste.
  • SK Energy Shot may cause a crash later on.
  • This product does not assist with real weight loss.
  • The caffeine in this shot may cause some side effects.


Although SK Energy Shot is not supposed to cause a crash or jitteriness, there is a warning on the label that says this energy shot might lead to jitteriness, sleeplessness, rapid heartbeat, and nervousness. If it does, you are not supposed to drink this shot anymore. Also, people under 16 are not supposed to consume SK Energy Shot. Since this product does offer B Vitamins and Caffeine, it will likely give you an energy boost. However, like other energy drinks, this beverage might be addictive. Just be sure you do not drink it near bedtime, since it can cause sleeplessness.

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    Delia Fabela

    SK Energy, are they safe to use after expires dates 8, 2015 ?


    Arnold (Editor)

    You should never ingest expired dietary supplements, Delia!


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    Does this product contain bromide?


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