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Skinny Bastard is the male counterpart to Skinny Bitch. The book by Rory Freedman offers a whole new way to look at dieting. With a strong focus vegetables, legumes, and grains, this diet plan is very close to a healthy vegetarian or vegan diet. It’s certainly not for everyone. The program starts out by completely eliminating sugar, meat, dairy, and simple carbs. Those who have followed the strict plan have been able to lose weight and get in shape relatively quickly. The plan found in Skinny Bastard is geared towards men. The humorous writing makes it easy to get through, and the program keeps in mind all of the differences that men experience when dieting as opposed to women.

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Skinny Bastard goes above and beyond most diet books. It teaches you how important food is, and how eating the wrong food can destroy your health. A strong focus is placed on eating local foods or foods that are grown organically. Since you’re cutting meat, dairy, and sugar out completely it will take some time to get used to. The Skinny Bastard program reportedly helps to eliminate toxins from the body, and claims to help prevent many diseases that are believed to be at least partially attributed to poor diets. The workout plans found in the book are designed to help trim and tone in a way that is specific to men. While the program is strict, there is some room for cheating as long as you stay away from meats and dairy.

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  • Living a vegetarian lifestyle does have many health benefits, and Skinny Bastard teaches you how to do this right.
  • The authors of Skinny Bastard infuse humor in with their easy to read style, making it an enjoyable read.


  • Some experts disagree with the vegan/vegetarian diets, stating that not enough protein can be just as dangerous as overeating.
  • It’s a hard diet to follow. Not everyone can just jump right in and make this work.
  • The shopping lists of approved brands in the book often contain high priced items, making it unrealistic for those on tight budgets.
  • The language may be offensive to some people.


The Skinny Bitch diet plan was so hugely successful that it stands to reason the Skinny Bastard craze will catch on just as easily. It’s a rough diet to try, especially for those who have failed at diets before. It can be a good tool though. If you need to drop a lot of weight and want to do so quickly, you may want to ease in to the diet and use fat burning supplements or supplements to increase your metabolism. This way you can slowly eliminate the foods you’re used to eating and still lose weight.

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