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Skinny Bitch is an audio and print book that took the world by storm. The author held nothing back, using curse words and straight talk to convince readers and listeners that weight loss and optimal health was something that required serious change and admission of guilt. Skinny Bitch Fitness is a series of DVDs based on the infamous Skinny Bitch diet plan. The two videos are Skinny Bitch Bootcamp and Skinny Bitch Body. As par for the course, the descriptions of the Skinny Bitch video series is straight to the point with phrases like, “Are you sick and tired of being fat?”

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Fitness videos from the creators of the Skinny Bitch diet.

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The Skinny Bitch diet is one of the most unique books ever written. The author not only wrote from the hip, she recorded the book in audio form with more curse words than most comedians use in stand-up. By now, dieters expect the straight talk from the author, so the Skinny Bitch Fitness videos are bound to be laced with profanity and hard talk. Dieters who have never read or listened to the Skinny Bitch book should take a minute to listen or read before buying the workout videos.

Skinny Bitch Bootcamp is an intense workout aimed at slimming the dieter. According to the video description, “Make no mistake – a Skinny Bitch is a healthy one!” The video works in conjunction with the Skinny Bitch diet, so followers are expected to leave behind diet sodas and processed foods. The book contains a complete list of foods that cause you to be fat.

Skinny Bitch Body is a bit less intense, but it follows the same straight forward style. Saggy butts and droopy arms are no match for the skinny bitches. The video also contains a second workout, Skinny Bitch Butt dedicated to toning the bottom.

The videos sell from Warner Brother’s video for $10 each. Dieters can order the videos online.

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  • Skinny Bitch workouts compliment the Skinny Bitch diet.


  • Some dieters may not like the sharp attitude of the Skinny Bitch series.
  • There is very little information on the videos on the official website.
  • Dieters should read the Skinny Bitch books before following the videos.
  • The videos are based on the Skinny Bitch book.


The author of Skinny Bitch Fitness is one of the bluntest writers in the world. There is no beating around the bush. Skinny Bitch Fitness relies heavily on the diet book, which is an extreme diet that claims nearly every western diet food is like liquid fat or liquid cancer. Approach the Skinny Bitch Fitness and diet series with caution.

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