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The Skinny Rules is a diet book written by nutritionist Edita M. Kaye. Kaye is also the author of a number of other health books, including Fountain of Youth: The Anti-Aging Weight Loss Program and Bone Builders: The Complete Lowfat Cookbook Plus Calcium Health Guide. All of these books appear to have been written a number of years ago. The Skinny Rules is the most recent work by Kaye, and it was released in 2002. We are concerned about the information that might be included in a book like this, because the field of weight loss is a constantly evolving one that discovers new information and guidelines all the time. However, we will take a closer look at the book to see if the information provided could offer dieters assistance in achieving their weight loss goals.

During our review of The Skinny Rules, we discovered that there is very little information about this book. We were unable to find many critical reviews, although the customer reviews that were available were not completely favorable. We could not even find a website for Kaye, which is a bit unusual, considering the number of books she has published. It is very hard to know if The Skinny Rules would be particularly helpful to dieters without more information about what is contained within the pages. All we know is that there are seven rules for weight loss laid out in the book, and that readers who follow the rules should begin to see results within 24 hours.

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The book sells through a number of online retailers and auction houses. Consumers interested in this read can pick up a used copy for as little as a couple of dollars. However, the fact that most of the copies available are used copies makes us wonder about the value of the information provided.

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  • The book is supposedly easy to read and easy to follow.
  • Consumers can find used copies for very low cost.


  • Very little information is provided about the book.
  • The age of the book may suggest that some of the information is outdated.
  • The abundance of used books available makes us wonder about the value of the information to dieters.


With a low cost and abundant availability, dieters may want to see what The Skinny Rules is all about. However, we fear that the information may not prove to be terribly helpful, since the information about the book is mostly unavailable and the reviews have not all been positive. We believe there is better, more updated information available through other sources. We also recommend that dieters look first at a low calorie diet, daily exercise program and effective weight loss supplement for the best weight loss results.

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