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Skinny Switch Secret

Things You Should Know

Rob Nevins is the creator of the online program Skinny Switch Secret. A personal trainer and nutrition expert, Rob has created his own theories on weight loss and created a program. He believes that individual meal plans customized based on a person’s needs is the best way to lose weight and maintain muscle. He markets a custom meal plan based on each individual’s food desires. A person who uses the Skinny Switch Secret will input their favorite foods and receive a meal plan that incorporates those foods for both eating at home and dining out.


Since there are no prepackaged foods or supplements, there are no ingredients used in this diet plan.

Product Features

Rob charges each user $2.98 a week to access the online program. This price gives each user a meal plan based on their age, gender, weight, and weight loss goals. The program is based on a three day eating plan. The first day involves eating foods that will help burn fat. Day two involves the same pattern of eating. On day three, a user can treat themselves to any food they like. It can be pizza, ice cream, steak, or chocolate. The first two days have allowed the body to burn off fat so that the third treat day will not affect weight loss. Users continue on this three day eating pattern until they reach their goals.

People suffering from health concerns such as diabetes or high blood pressure may find that the program doesn’t offer altered meal plans for people on a restricted diet. The program does offer a one week refund guarantee for people who change their mind about using the Skinny Switch Secret.

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  • The online program allows users to chart their progress and gain access to an online community also utilizing the program.
  • There are no prepackaged foods to buy, so the program is relatively inexpensive.
  • Online specials allow users to purchase a longer membership for cheaper than the regular price.


  • The program claims there is no need for exercise but strongly recommends it for better results.
  • Being allowed to have a cheat day every three days may cause some people to over indulge on fattening foods.
  • If a user chooses to be billed through monthly installments, there is no way to cancel the plan after the first seven days.


A variety of online programs are popping up as the result of personal trainers and nutritionists trying to cash in on their own idea of the perfect weight loss program. While the Skinny Switch Secret may work for some people, those who need to limit the amount of junk food they eat may find the program offers too many tempting choices. Since the company doesn’t allow any refunds after the first week, it’s best to check out all the online programs available before investing in one.

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    I just ordered skinny switch plan and wanted the 6 month payment plan and it looks like I was charged the whole amount at once.