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Skinny Water Review - Does This Weight-Loss Beverage Work?

By Summer Banks on Oct 20, 2016
Skinny Water Review

Diet products either work or they don’t. Period. Let’s find out which one Skinny Water is. After taking hundreds of user comments into consideration, we went on to look at the ingredients, side effects, customer service, and clinical research. We summarized and condensed everything here to give you the bottom line.


What is Skinny Water?

To begin with, Skinny Water is a zero-calorie, sugar free water that promises to help you control cravings and boost your metabolism, while also keeping you hydrated. Skinny Water ingredients vary by flavor, but include things such as Super CitriMax and ChromeMate, ginseng and gaurana, acai and goji berry, and more.

Skinny Water is the company behind the product. They were founded in 2006, but the lack of an official website makes us wonder if they are still in business. We like that there are multiple flavors to choose from, and each one contains electrolytes, but read on…

Availability – “Limited”

The first thing we noticed is there is no official website for the company, and you can’t buy it from the manufacturer anymore. “We found the product on Amazon, but some flavors are unavailable. What we could find was priced at more than $50 for 12 16 oz. bottles,” said our Research Editor.

“Why so expensive? What happened to the company?,” said one user.

“I used to love this stuff, but I’m not paying that kind of money for it,” said another.

Others don’t mind that it’s hard to find.

“I still buy it from Amazon from time to time. It’s that good,” said one dieter.

“I miss this stuff, and still buy it on occasion when I can find it online,” said another.

Skinny Water Ingredients – “Potent?”

According to reviews Skinny Water ingredients aren’t potent. “Never lost a pound. Just went to the bathroom a lot,” said a customer.

“This stuff tastes good, but making me skinny is a long shot,” according to one review.

Others loved it.

“I’ve been using Skinny water to hydrate after workouts and I don’t have to worry about empty sugar calories. Orange Cranberry is my favorite and is great with breakfast for anyone on a diet.,” said a reviewer.

“I don’t know if it gives me any more energy but it has a surprisingly natural flavor with very little (if any) after taste for a no calorie beverage. You can really taste the blueberry,” said another.

Over the years, we’ve found it only takes a small thing like limited product availability to stop customers from getting long-term success. If the product is indeed no longer on the market, this could be a problem for users.

The Science – “Eh”

Water is proven to help with hydration. Electrolytes are important after a workout, so it can help in that regard. But there are no studies on these products specifically.

At DietSpotlight, we want to see science before we can recommend any product, and we want it to prove both safety and effectiveness.

The Bottom Line – Does Skinny Water Work?

Should I race out for a bottle of Skinny Water? If you could find it, it may be a good a good drink after your workout, but the fact that it doesn’t really contain fat burners or appetite suppressants leaves us skeptical about a recommendation.

If you want to shed those extra pounds, why not try a weight-loss supplement made with clinically tested ingredients shown to help increase your metabolism so you burn more fat? You can make the most of it by adding it to your balanced diet and regular exercise routine.

One of the best products we’ve sen so for this year is Leptigen. Our research team scoured online customer feedback and found no mentions of side effects or negative comments. This lets us know people are happy with the results they’re getting. And, we know why, since the formula is made with a unique blend of clinically tested ingredients known to help kick up your metabolism.

Right now, you can get your hands on a Special Trial Offer available straight from the makers of Leptigen. This is an exceptional sign of confidence in their supplement.

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About the Author:

Summer Banks is an ISSA-Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and has reviewed over 2000 diet products. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

How Does Skinny Water Compare?

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What You Should Know about Skinny Water

An important component involved in our health is staying hydrated. Skinny Water is a product on the market designed to not only hydrate, but to infuse our bodies with some of the nutrients involved in being and staying healthy. It is a non-caloric beverage that many have used as a part of their weight loss regimen.

Skinny Water was created in 2006 by two people with a vision to deliver a pleasant tasting, noncaloric beverage infused with nutrients which could be easily incorporated into an on-the-go lifestyle. The ongoing hope of the Skinny Water team is to encourage people to embrace a healthier lifestyle through proper hydration, nutrition, and exercise.

List of Skinny Water Ingredients

Skinny Water comes in a variety of flavors, each containing some of the same ingredients, as well as additional ingredients unique to each drink which are designed to bring about different benefits.

Crave Control, Shape, Wake-Up, XXX Detox, Hi-Energy, and Total-V are the names of the flavors.

Every drink contains: EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), Calcium, and Potassium.

Additionally, each one of these drinks contains other ingredients: Crave Control (SuperCitriMax

9 User Reviews About Skinny Water

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  • 1

    I love skinny water I lost 40 lbs due to I stop drinking soda thanks to skinny water but now I can’t find it any where . Is it off the market ? Was it recalled? Or can a person order by case



    Hi Yvette! Please refer to the Skinny Water official website for more information on where to purchase this product.


  • 2
    Andrew Hazley

    I live in Murfreesboro, Tn. Where can I buy this product?


  • 3
    Daniel boyden

    Is skinny water(hi-energy) ok to drink if Ian a diabetic, I don’t like reg water but I do like this


  • 4

    I tried this product at my local Costco and fell in love with it. I am now on the hunt for it when I go to the supermarket. Can you send me coupons for your product? Thank you!


  • 5
    joel sugasti

    how to becom a skynny water distributor overseas?


  • 6
    Philomena Miller

    What happened to the ECGC that was in Skinny Water? Without it I can but any flavored water.


  • 7
    Philomena Miller

    I have been drinking Skinny Water for quite some time and among the may reasons was the ECGC in it. The last few times I looked for Skinny Water there was no ECGC so I haven’t purchased it. Why did you stop putting it in your product? Without it I can but any flavored water.


  • 8

    where to buy in Austin?


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