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Skinny Water

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An important component involved in our health is staying hydrated. Skinny Water is a product on the market designed to not only hydrate, but to infuse our bodies with some of the nutrients involved in being and staying healthy. It is a non-caloric beverage that many have used as a part of their weight loss regimen.

Skinny Water was created in 2006 by two people with a vision to deliver a pleasant tasting, noncaloric beverage infused with nutrients which could be easily incorporated into an on-the-go lifestyle. The ongoing hope of the Skinny Water team is to encourage people to embrace a healthier lifestyle through proper hydration, nutrition, and exercise.

List of Ingredients

Skinny Water comes in a variety of flavors, each containing some of the same ingredients, as well as additional ingredients unique to each drink which are designed to bring about different benefits.

Crave Control, Shape, Wake-Up, XXX Detox, Hi-Energy, and Total-V are the names of the flavors.

Every drink contains: EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), Calcium, and Potassium.

Additionally, each one of these drinks contains other ingredients: Crave Control (SuperCitriMax

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  • 1

    I love skinny water I lost 40 lbs due to I stop drinking soda thanks to skinny water but now I can’t find it any where . Is it off the market ? Was it recalled? Or can a person order by case



    Hi Yvette! Please refer to the Skinny Water official website for more information on where to purchase this product.


  • 2
    Andrew Hazley

    I live in Murfreesboro, Tn. Where can I buy this product?


  • 3
    Daniel boyden

    Is skinny water(hi-energy) ok to drink if Ian a diabetic, I don’t like reg water but I do like this


  • 4

    I tried this product at my local Costco and fell in love with it. I am now on the hunt for it when I go to the supermarket. Can you send me coupons for your product? Thank you!


  • 5
    joel sugasti

    how to becom a skynny water distributor overseas?


  • 6
    Philomena Miller

    What happened to the ECGC that was in Skinny Water? Without it I can but any flavored water.


  • 7
    Philomena Miller

    I have been drinking Skinny Water for quite some time and among the may reasons was the ECGC in it. The last few times I looked for Skinny Water there was no ECGC so I haven’t purchased it. Why did you stop putting it in your product? Without it I can but any flavored water.


  • 8

    where to buy in Austin?


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