SkinnyGirl Daily Weight Management & Energy Review

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Countless women are striving to lose weight. This is not only a concern in the United States, but is actually a global issue. Weight gain often becomes a problem during adulthood, when the metabolism begins to slow down. At this point, it is important to pay attention to what you eat, and how much you eat. SkinnyGirl Daily Weight Management & Energy is a supplement formula developed for women in particular. It does not require a prescription, and you will find it available through online stores like for $42.99 (the retail price is $54.99). As you may already know, this product is part of a product line endorsed by Bethenny Frankel, a reality star and chef.


  • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
  • Grapefruit Oil
  • Flax Seed Oil
  • Vitamin B12
  • Gelatin
  • Glycerin
  • Water

Product Features

SkinnyGirl Daily Weight Management & Energy is intended to encourage a leaner and lighter body, while increasing energy levels. It is a softgel formula, and two softgels is a single serving. This weight loss supplement should be taken in the morning, and then again with lunch or dinner. It may help burn off fat, and promote a healthy weight. You should also notice an improved immune system.

Four ingredients are addressed for SkinnyGirl Daily Weight Management & Energy. The first is CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid. It is claimed to help you burn off fat, while preserving lean muscle tissue. This ingredient is commonly used in many modern supplements. Flax Seed Oil is also found in this product, and may help promote a healthy body weight. Grapefruit Oil is included to boost immune system health, while Vitamin B12 is incorporated to increase energy levels.

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  • SkinnyGirl Daily Weight Management & Energy may help boost energy levels.
  • This product contains Flax Seed Oil and Vitamin B12.


  • There are some customer complaints about this supplement causing a stomachache.
  • Some users have stated that SkinnyGirl Daily Weight Management & Energy does not work.
  • This is not the most promising supplement for weight loss.


It seems like there is always a new diet pill or skin care product that is endorsed by a celebrity. However, just because a celebrity puts his or her name on it does not mean the product works. In regards to SkinnyGirl Daily Weight Management & Energy, this supplement sounds good in theory. On the other hand, there are alternative diet pills that contain proven fat-burning ingredients and appetite suppressants to encourage real weight loss. So, before you buy SkinnyGirl Daily Weight Management & Energy, you should take a look at the other weight loss formulas on the market, and compare a few different supplements.

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