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Skip la Cour is a bodybuilding expert with a connection to Mass Machine Nutrition. According to Skip la Cour’s official website, readers can learn how to work out more effectively, gain massive muscle and increase lean body mass using the workout routines devised by Skip la Cour. There is even an offer to receive a free one-hour coaching session if you purchase the Maximum Mass Pack from Mass Machine Nutrition. Unfortunately, we were unable to find this stack of products listed on the official website or on – the site Skip la Cour mentions in his YouTube video explaining the offer.

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  • Bodybuilding Expert

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Most diet products we come in contact with are formulated for the broad audience of dieters trying to lose weight. However, there are products designed to help dieters gain weight, increase muscle mass and achieve extraordinary strength. Not all dieters have trouble losing weight. Skip la Cour and Mass Machine Nutrition supply supplements to the other side of the diet spectrum – the bodybuilding side.

Bodybuilding is an art that requires careful attention to diet, exercise and supplementation. Over time, bodybuilders supply just the right supplements to help the body naturally grow muscle larger than normal. These muscles burn additional calories, but must be maintained with regular exercise and weight lifting. Extraordinary muscles also require extraordinary supplementation, which is where Mass Machine Nutrition’s products (via Skip la Cour) come into play. With that said, there is a time when bodybuilders focus on weight loss (or rather fat loss) called the cutting phase. The supplement MM60EFL is available from Skip la Cour’s Mass Machine Nutrition as a fat burner. The fat burner is cheap and contains common weight loss ingredients like chromium, caffeine and green tea extract.

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  • Skip la Cour is a professional bodybuilder.
  • He offers a free phone consultation if you purchase a specific supplement stack.


  • We could not find the supplement stack on the official website.
  • Skip la Cour does not specialize in weight loss.


We completely understand that there are different realms of diet and weight loss. For the average dieter, weight loss is about getting healthy and lean, but for the bodybuilder everything is focused on building extraordinary amounts of muscle. Skip la Cour may provide bodybuilders with new insight, suggestions and workout routines to improve muscle growth, but the programs are not designed for weight loss.

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