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Sledge is a prohormone supplement from Dark Cycle Nutrition. The supplement combines two prohormones into one formula. Prohormones used to be all the rage in the 1980s when bodybuilders chemically induced muscle growth for competition. Since then, many prohormones have been moved to a controlled substance list and athletic committees require drug testing before athletes are allowed to compete. Muscles have not gotten any smaller. If anything, they have gotten larger, so how did prohormones, which are proven to increase muscle mass and strength, leave the picture yet bodybuilders still grow? Prohormones never left. Supplement companies changed the formulas for the most popular prohormones and threw them back out on the market with the same results. As long as the athlete is not caught using prohormones, they can achieve massive results – but the results are limited and dangerous.

List of Ingredients

13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5 (10) dien-17-one and 17-beta-hydroxy-2-alpha, 17-dimethyl-5-alpha-androstan-3-one azine.

Product Features

Sledge will do some wonderful things for the human body. It will increase muscle mass and strength, so the bodybuilder will be able to lift more and see the increases in size faster. But, there is a trade off. Prohormones like sledge are methylated. Take the second ingredient into consideration. There is a dimethyl in the name. Methyls work on the liver and change liver function. The effects can be lasting and permanent if prohormones are not cycled.

According to the single testimonials for Sledge, the supplement should be taken 12 hours apart with meals falling every three to four hours. The testimonial reported muscle gains, but it did not reveal side effects experienced. Common side effects include water retention and headaches. More serious side effects like increased cholesterol and blood pressure can cause serious problems later in life.

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  • Sledge is available for sale on multiple vitamin websites.
  • The product description reveals the need for PCT.
  • PCT may prevent lasting side effects.
  • Will increase muscle mass and strength.


  • No proven benefit for dieters.
  • May cause increased blood pressure and increased cholesterol.
  • Increased strength typically fades after the cycle.
  • PCT is required to maintain health.


Bodybuilders are not sold on prohormones the way they used to be, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hidden followers out there taking prohormones to increase size. These supplements are dangerous and should not be taken by a newbie without proper PCT and other supportive supplements. The best place to find accurate information on real life side effects and supportive supplementation is a trusted bodybuilding forum.

If a dieter is looking to increase muscle mass, this supplement will not provide safe effects. Workout with free weights and weight machines to increase muscle size naturally and save your liver function in the process.

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