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The official website for the Sleep Away diet program tells us that it was created by Nutritionist and Author Cherie Calborn with her husband. They have co authored a book together which is entitled ‘Sleep Away the Pounds Program.’ Cherie Calborn is also the author of fifteen other books, on a wide range of subjects including a book on the benefits of juicing.


There are no ingredients, Sleep Away is a program designed to improve your sleep pattern and in the process help you lose weight.

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The Sleep Away the Pounds Program is available directly for purchase from the official website of Cherie Calborn. The other books that she has written are also available from this web site. The official website for Cherie Calborn explains her approach to weight loss. She believes that when we do not sleep well or have only a few hours sleep a night the next day we are hungrier than if we had experienced a good night’s sleep. This means we will eat more and thus gain weight. We are told that the book sets out a four step program which will help you to sleep better and thus will enable you to lose weight. The official website also contains contact details should you wish to contact Cherie Calborn directly with any questions or concerns. Of course there is no doubt that when we sleep well and are relaxed our overall quality of life and our health improves. However there are also a large number of people who sleep well and are relaxed, yet also experience weight gain. This means that although sleep deprivation may be the cause of weight gain in a small minority of people it is certainly not the case for everybody.

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  • Cherie Calborn is a qualified nutritionist and an experienced author.
  • Cherie Calborn has an official website dedicated to her books and to her weight loss solutions.


  • Not everybody’s weight gain is related to sleep deprivation.
  • We do not have any actual concrete evidence that the four step program set out in the book by Cherie Program actually works.
  • This weight loss program will not work for a number of people.
  • There is no evidence that the Sleep Away program achieves superior results in achieving weight loss when compared to other weight loss solutions on the market.


If we could all sleep away our weight problems that would be wonderful and certainly a cheap and simple solution to weight gain. The simple truth is that sleep deprivation is only the cause of weight gain in a minority of cases. The book by Cherie Calborn may certainly be interesting to read but we do not believe that it is the solution to weight gain in the majority of cases.

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    Vickie Farris

    what if you are on deperession meds