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Cherie Calbom is an international juicing, smoothie and nutrition expert. She has written a plethora of books on weight loss and healthy eating. Sleep Away the Pounds is a book on how you can make a few lifestyle changes and start losing weight while you sleep. This concept is one we see all the time in weight loss supplements and we’ve knocked most of those supplements out of the park because they simply don’t work. Let’s see if Ms. Calbom proves her point better than those weight loss companies.

You can purchase Sleep Away the Pounds from Amazon or from the author’s official website. There is no price listed on the main page of the website and if you click the button to Learn More about the book, you are taken to a page that sells supplements and products. The Sleep Away the Pounds book is nowhere to be found.

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  • Book by Cherie Calbom on how to improve sleep to lose weight.

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According to the author, the only thing missing from your weight loss program is good rest every night. It is true that sleeping well can increase weight loss and reduce stress. Stress is directly associated with increased body fat and weight gain – so the concept of better sleep to lose weight is one founded in science and clinical study. However, there is a problem with the Sleep Away the Pounds book. First, the official website does not work. The dieter is told to click on the Learn More like to learn about then 4-part program, but there is nothing on the following page about the book.

After making a few careful clicks around then website we were able to find a description of the book and a link to Amazon for purchase. The four steps, as they are described by the author, are really sections of the book – not weight loss steps at all.

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  • The book could teach the reader how to improve sleep.
  • Improved sleep could lead to improved weight loss success.


  • The book is a self-help book not a weight loss guide.
  • The 4 steps are nothing more than sections of the book.
  • The official website is cluttered with BUY ME NOW images.


Cherie Calbom offers a good idea with Sleep Away the Pounds, but we are not happy with the book itself. The program is not clearly outlined on the official website and the website is selling more than teaching. If the dieter is having trouble sleeping and wants to learn natural ways to improve sleep – that is what the book may be good at teaching, but not weight loss.

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