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Slenda Weight Loss Capsules Review

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What You Should Know

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Slenda weight loss capsules contain Resveratrol and other natural ingredients, according to the product description. The official website offers direct ordering of the product and information on the Slenda Dance that can be used in conjunction with the supplement as exercise. The ingredient list is not revealed in its entirety, which is something we are not comfortable with. A complete list of ingredients is crucial when a dieter have thousands of products to choose from for weight loss. Manufacturers need to set their products apart and Slenda weight loss capsules do not do that.

List of Ingredients

Resveratrol, green tea, banaba, turmeric.

Product Features

Resveratrol is a common ingredient in weight loss supplements and anti-aging products. Derived from red wine, Resveratrol is has been tested on animals for its ability to decrease inflammation, lower blood glucose, and improve heart health. Resveratrol became popular with the popularity of the French Paradox. According to this paradox, French people drink lots of wine and eat fatty foods but they don’t gain weight. Dieters may find it interesting to know that Resveratrol supplements do not come from grapes, however, so the supplement is not linked to the French Paradox at all. Japanese Knotweed is the source of supplemental Resveratrol.

Green tea is an ingredient we love. Clinical studies have proven green tea can help a long list of health concerns including metabolism and weight loss. Green tea is safe for everyone and comes in varieties of modes including tea bags, loose tea, supplements and weight loss ingredients.

Banaba is often used for its ability to control hunger indirectly. Banaba may regulate blood sugar and thus stop those crashes after eating that cause hunger pangs.

Turmeric is an antibacterial ingredient commonly used for cuts and burns. Clinical testing regarding cancer fighting properties and effect on Alzheimer’s Disease are currently on-going, but have nothing to do with weight loss. We can find no link to weight loss.

Slenda weight loss capsules sell for $50.00. It takes three to four weeks for the product to arrive.

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  • Resveratrol may help reduce the signs of aging and reduce inflammation.
  • Green tea is a proven and trusted weight loss ingredient.
  • Banaba may help control hunger.


  • The complete list of ingredients is not offered.
  • The price is far higher than it should be.
  • Shopping takes up to a month.
  • Turmeric has no weight loss benefits.


The Slenda weight loss capsule leaves a bit to be desired. The ingredient list is not complete and there is no way to tell if there are stimulant ingredients that could affect some dieters. We believe dieters need to choose supplements they can trust with all the ingredients out in the open.

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  • 1

    I was planning to use this slimming capsule but im here in you hve branch ofice here kndly send me the contact num.i want to order


  • 2
    e. alejo

    Before i have beltbags in my tummy now after a month of using it i feel confident again what more if i mixed it with exercise daily? But im working and have no time for it. Also i had heart palpitations since i take slenda im not expriencing it anymore.


  • 3
    glady quinio

    I’m a lactating mom of a 16 months old baby it safe to use slenda?


  • 4
    violeta mariano

    I want to know the sign or effect to my body while taking slenda capsule


  • 5

    what are the instructions when taking slenda capsules???tnx


  • 6
    marylyn ursal

    when using slenda weight loss capsules,is it ok to use it without exercise?



    no!., it doest work without exercise., u should have strength training at least 3 x a week, i mean hitting the gym., 🙂


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