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Slender Life is a weight loss program that involves eating habit changes and body wraps. As claimed on the official website, users can drop up to 20 inches within a single hour. This system has been around for over 20 years now and caters to each person individually based on his or her metabolism. When taking advantage of Slender Life, users are not supposed to get hungry or be restricted to pre-packaged meals. There are no diet drugs involved with this program, nor is exercising required for Slender Life.

As revealed on the official website, there is no calorie-counting involved with Slender Life. With this weight reduction system, users consume normal, everyday foods that can be attained from any grocery store. Private counseling and group meetings are not necessary, nor are any special fitness machines. However, users can take full advantage of the body wraps incorporated into the Slender Life plan. These are non-surgical wraps that aim to extract six to 20 inches within a single hour. Once the body is wrapped tightly in bandage-like cloth, impurities and toxins are drawn from the body’s skin pores. This may assist with cellulite and fatty tissue reduction. There is a video presented on the official website that fully explains the Slender Life body wrap procedure. It is claimed that this process does not merely extract water from the user’s body (which is commonly a temporary fix only).

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The Slender Life program is one that basically involves a change in diet and regular body wraps. Since this kind of program calls for meetings with professionals, there are center locations provided on the official website. Unfortunately if there is not a center located near you, then it will naturally be difficult to get involved with the Slender Life program. It is important to understand that there are no oral supplements involved with Slender Life, nor are there any specific exercise programs that must be followed. Weight is potentially lost through a change in diet and the usage of body wraps.

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  • The official website is quite informative in regards to what all Slender Life has to offer.
  • There are no potentially dangerous diet pills involved with the Slender Life system.


  • Those who do not reside near one of the Slender Life center locations will not likely be able to take advantage of this program.
  • There does not appear to be any kind of guarantee offered with this weight loss program.
  • Individuals that prefer some kind of fat burner or appetite suppressant will likely not care for the Slender Life approach.
  • There are no rates posted on the official website, which makes it difficult to know what this program costs.


In the end, the Slender Life system is one of numerous weight loss approaches that can reviewed online. This type of program is really geared toward women that do not mind changing their eating habits and attaining full body wraps regularly. In reality, it may seem a tad difficult for some individuals to believe that the body wraps truly pull off six to 20 inches within a single hour’s time. Be sure to contact a Slender Life professional for more information and pricing if you are interested in this kind of weight reduction.

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9 User Reviews about Slender Life

  • 1

    all the phone numbers have been disconnected for Fort Myers and Sarasota offices. How do I call them?


  • 2

    For ten wraps I paid $650.00. They do offer supplements and protein shakes if you desire. I opt out this since I am not a fan of pills. The powered protein shakes are really good and cost around $15 per box (6- 8 packets)

    The staff are very friendly. It usually takes about 5- 10 minutes to wrap your entire body. The time is flexible depending if you want only certain areas targeted. After you are wrap you are sent to do excerise. At the salon I visit they have excerise video or music playing. You have to excerise at least for 45 minutes to an hour. Once time is up you are unwrapped. Measurements are taken at your very first visit and every five wrap.

    My first visit I lost 19 inches total body. I did notice a change in my hips and thigh area. I didn’t see in noticable change in my midsection or arms. But this depends on the person.

    I have not had any bad experiences with Slender Life. The program is expensive but this depends on how important this is for the person who desire to lose inches or weight.



    I have not noticed any changes with my body. But I have lost 5 pounds after 3 weeks.


  • 3

    slender life went out of town and will do nothing to help me get my money back for unused services. Will not give me a corporate # and I am getting the run around. Unethical business BEWARE!!!


  • 4
    Cathy Hansell

    I liked it, but it is not cheap. The salon near me went out of business, with no notice to me. I had 4 sessions left on my package. Not a reliable business for regular customers.


  • 5

    how much does it cost and did it work


  • 6
    micheline caron

    cost $$$


  • 7
    summer newmann

    i would talk to someone about my wrap



    Since you said you would talk to someone about your wraps I assume you have used the system. These type of weight loss programs that do not state prices etc. up front lead me to believe they want to get you there, then the pressure and pumping up about how great it is starts. Right or wrong? Love to hear about your experiene. Thanks