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Slender Sonic is an electro-muscle stimulation unit that stimulates muscles with electricity. The unit can be used on abdominals and other muscle groups for improved muscle tone and pain relief. There is no official website for the product and the sales page on claims the unit is discontinued. There are no product reviews for the Slender Sonic, likely because the unit simply does not work as claimed. Electro-muscle units have a place in fitness, mostly for faster recovery after intense physical exercise or competition. Dieters will not lose more weight using the Slender Sonic, nor will the midsection slim down.

List of Ingredients

Electro-stimulation belt.

Product Features

If dieters could lose with electro-stimulation, there would be a breakout of electrocution, because dieters would be sticking their fingers in light sockets all over the world. Electro-stimulation belts have been around for more than two decades. The units use patches placed on the skin with conductive gel between the adhesive and the skin. The gel conducts electricity. When the Slender Sonic is turned on, electricity moves to the muscle under the pads and it contracts. The contraction fools the body into thinking the muscle is being exercised. Over time, the muscle will grow larger or tone, but not on the same level of muscle growth from weight bearing exercises.

Units like the Slender Sonic are ideal for dieters who workout intensely or compete in intense athletics. Some dieters use electro-stimulation units to recover faster from pain in the lower back and other major muscle groups. The contraction of the muscle under the pads does not work the most important muscle for weight loss, the heart.

Dieters will still need to walk, run or perform some other form of cardio exercise to burn calories in addition to using the Slender Sonic. There is no pricing information on Amazon or any other website that we could find.

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  • Contracts the muscle with electricity.
  • May reduce muscle pain between workouts.


  • Will not increase cardio fitness.
  • Does not burn calories.
  • Does not increase metabolism.
  • No diet information included with the Slender Sonic.
  • Does not suppress appetite.


Slender Sonic is not a piece of fitness equipment the dieter can use to lose weight. Electro-muscle stimulation is great for pain control and relief between workouts, but it does not work the heart, the muscle needed for calorie burn. People with pacemakers should never use an electro-stimulation belt like the Slender Sonic. The unit does not appear to be available any longer, but there are other electro-stimulation belts on the market. In addition to the initial purchase, pads and conductive gel must be purchased to continue using the unit after the initial supply is exhausted.

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