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The body wrap is pitched as the solution for you if you have tried other weight loss programs and diet after diet, and still have not reduced inches, flabby skin and cellulite, The makers of Slender Wrap sell it as a literal fountain of youth and contend you can remove inches and tighten your skin after about an hour. Results will vary from person to person.

The goal and method of many body wraps include the detoxification of your body and weight loss. Several body wrap products feature their products as a method for cellulite removal. Most body wraps are spa treatments that can be quite expensive with results seldom guaranteed to be permanent. Slender Wrap is a wrap that uses Body Wrap, invented by Victoria Morton in 1969 and is claimed to be used by numerous Hollywood celebrities.

List of Ingredients

Inorganic, odorless, non-toxic and naturally occurring minerals.

Not applicable.

Product Features

Prior to being wrapped head to toe by a “Wrap Technician”, you are measured so you can compare your before and after treatment measurements. The wrap bandages are pre-soaked in a proprietary mineral solution that is identified to be healthy and relaxing for the body. The wrap takes about an hour, after which you are unwrapped and ‘Set free!’ Measurements are taken again and if you have not lost between 8-30 inches during your first wrap session, the next wrap is free.

Slender Wrap is a spa treatment that is offered across the country, resulting in prices that vary. Average cost for a wrap is approximately $100-$150 per session, and with the recommended series of treatments, the total cost can exceed $500 over a 12-month period.

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  • Product has ideal ph for body skin.
  • Slender Wrap is not a ‘water wrap’ or ‘dehydration’ process.
  • Very fast results from product.
  • Claims to produce firm body tissue and visibly tighter skin in a short period of time.


  • Potentially expensive treatment.
  • Maintenance wraps are required to validate guarantee for inches lost not to return.
  • Product is not guaranteed nor intended to keep weight off.


Specific ingredients in the wrap are not known, however, advertised claims include an ideal ph for skin, increased body tissue firmness, and visibly tighter skin. Inches are guaranteed not to return as long as you do not gain weight and purchase a minimum number of return maintenance visits, which at the very least is time consuming and costly. The product does not come with a guarantee for weight loss. As an informed consumer, it is prudent to review many products, especially product reviews, along with checking for product scams and safety alerts.

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