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Slender Xcellerate is a dietary food supplement composed of natural ingredients that works to help you lose weight by working with the body as part of a calorie focused diet paired with regular exercise. The company claims the product is easy to use. However, the company states the results depend on diet and exercise, as well as regular use ofSlender Xcellerate.

Slender Xcellerate is one part of a greater nutritional and weight loss program called The Slender Challenge. The Slender Challenge encompasses four natural weight lose supplements intended to work together with regular exercise and a sensible diet. Slender Xcellerate acts as a fat burner, and it contains specific ingredients that provide an energy boost. This approach to sustained energy is designed to eliminate or minimize snacking urges later in the day.

List of Ingredients

The two core ingredients in Slender Xcellerate are Green Tea Extract and Yerba Mate Extract.

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Product Features

The active ingredients in Slender Xcellerate, Green Tea Extract and Yerba Mate Extract, are widely used in other products weight loss formulas. Green Tea Extract is rich in antioxidants, and it also possesses properties that minimize the breakdown of fats found in foods. This is associated with the body’s ability to limit the need to metabolize fats. Fats that are typically broken down and absorbed into fat cells in the body, are redirected to the liver and digestive system, where they are expunged from the body. Yerba Mate is a natural grass/herb that has a delicate stimulating effect on the body. It causes increased circulation, cell oxygenation and blood flow. Consequently, you may feel more energized and your breathing may feel easier. Blood oxygenation is also claimed to be directly related to cell and muscle health. Better oxygenation is also claimed to be tied to an improved attitude toward regular exercise, leading to increased participation.

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  • Slender Xcellerate is convenient and easy to use.
  • Product uses natural ingredients.
  • Produces and maintains enhanced energy levels.


  • Slender Xcellerate is not suitable for people intolerant to caffeine.
  • Product intended for people over 18 years of age with a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 25.
  • All products in the Slender Challenge product line are NOT suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Slender Xcellerate is intended to achieve weight loss through Green Tea and Yerba Mate. These herbal extracts are popular weight loss aids and are found in a variety of diet products. As a fat burning and weight loss solution, Slender Xcellerate will only help you get started. Regular exercise is necessary to encourage wellness and better weight loss results.

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