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Slendertone Flex is a belt the uses electrical impulses to stimulate muscles. Pads placed on the skin move current from the base unit to the skin. Muscles just under the pad contract as if shocked. That contract repeats many times every minute. Over time, the muscle may tone, but muscle growth is not likely. Electro-stimulation belts and pads do not force the muscle to tear. Tears in the muscle are what cause muscle growth. After a muscle is torn (this occurs during weight bearing exercises), new muscle grows to fill in the space where the tear occurred. This is how muscle grows. The Slendertone Flex may help tone the muscle currently there, but it cannot build new muscle.

List of Ingredients

Electro-stimulation belt for abdominal muscle conditioning.

Product Features

All the dieter has to do is strap on the Slendertone Flex and turn on a little electricity. The next thing they know, they are running around with six-pack abs – the envy of all people. Electro-stimulation belts like the Slendertone Flex would like the dieter to believe this, but it is simply not true. Electro-stimulation forces the muscle to contract, but without pressure on the muscle, like the pressure caused by weight lifting, the muscle will not tear and grow. There is also the problem with extra abdominal fat. If there is a layer of fat between the muscle and skin, the abdominal muscles could be ripped and rock hard and no one would ever seem them. That fat must be burned off before the muscles are visible. Very few people have six-pack abs and even less people achieved those six-pack abs as a result of using the Slendertone Flex or a comparable unit.

The Slendertone website does not list the Flex as a current product. We searched the website and found a pamphlet explaining the unit, but no list of products or sale related to the unit. The Slendertone Flex uses batteries, which means an extremely high continued cost of ownership. Batteries will likely last only a short time with daily use.

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  • Electro-stimulation belts may reduce abdominal muscle pain.
  • The unit can be turned around for back stimulation and pain relief.


  • The Slendertone Flex does not appear to be for sale at this time.
  • Will not increase weight loss.
  • Tone muscles are invisible under abdominal fat.


There is a huge misconception regarding abdominal muscles and electro-stimulation. If the user is fit and trim with a relatively low percentage of body fat, the unit could tone muscle and chisel abdominals. That is not the description of the average dieter. Abdominal muscles have relatively no impact on metabolism or calorie burn.

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