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The Slendertone System Abs machine is a device that stimulates abdominal contractions with electrical pulses. The user wears a belt on the abdomen and an electrical pulse stimulates muscles. The idea is to work the abdominal muscles with contractions while never having to complete one sit-up. There are problems with this theory. If there is a large fat layer between the skin and abdominal muscles the electrical pulses may never reach ab muscles.

List of Ingredients

Electrical band and remote control.

Product Features

Electrical stimulation has been used for decades to increase muscle strength and definition. Most of the time, athletes use the technology because they are already in shape with well-defined muscles. For the average dieter trying to lose weight, the distance between the muscle and skin is increased by fat cells. No matter how strong or defined abdominal muscles are, the fat cells will hid that definition.

In terms of weight loss, the Slendertone System Abs program will not increase weight loss or boost metabolism. Exercise requires working larger muscles groups to increase calories burned per workout and increase resting metabolism by increasing muscle mass. The mass on abdominal muscles is minimal, so even if a small amount of muscle mass is gained with Slendertone System Abs, it will not come anywhere near the one pound needed to burn an additional 35 calories per day. One pound of muscles burns about 35 extra calories per day.

If the Slendertone System Abs belt were used on larger muscle groups like the quadriceps muscles of the legs, there is a change added muscle would develop time, but the time it took to increase muscle mass would be far greater than other exercises dedicated to those muscle groups.

The Slendertone System Abs is made for men and women. The cost of the system is $150 each, with a total cost of $300 per couple. There is no shipping and handling cost when ordering Slendertone System Abs.

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  • The Slendertone System Abs program may help define abdominal muscles.
  • Online ordering supported from the official website.
  • Testimonials published online.


  • Will not increase metabolism.
  • The system is costly at more than $150 per system.


The average dieter needs to lose weight before using utilizing the Slendertone System Abs to increase abdominal muscle strength. The system works by stimulating abdominal muscles with electrical pulses. Those electrical pulses contract abdominal muscles, mimicking exercise. Having a larger layer of fat between the skin and abdominal muscles may reduce the effectiveness of the system. There are no testimonials or pictures of overweight individuals using the Slendertone System Abs program. Dieters can use a proven weight loss supplement to reduce body weight and fat percentage before investing in an expensive piece of personal fitness equipment like the Slendertone System Abs program.

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