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What You Should Know

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Slim 123 was originally created as a dietary supplement for people who have diabetes and are overweight at the same time. It is shown, however, that people who do not have diabetes, after taking Slim 123 might also experience the same weight loss effect.

As a result of Slim 123 working slower than other dietary products, people who combine Slim 123 with other weight loss dietary supplements experience improved results. The ingredients in Slim 123 are known to stimulate and increase the functions associated with bile, thus allowing the bile to burn more fat.

List of Ingredients

Turmeric was used in ancient times by Indian healers to treat obesity. Modern research has shown the consumption of turmeric to enhance bile movement that contributes to the decomposition of fat.

Hawthorn Fruit has been known to reduce the level of greasy organic compounds in the blood. Hawthorn does not raise HDL cholesterol levels and has a strong antioxidative effect.

Gentian Root enhances the sensitivity of taste buds and increases saliva amounts, gastro-intestinal fluids and bile.

Lindera Root is believed to have bitter and temperate characteristics that have been linked with your lungs, spleen, kidney and bladder. Lindera Root abates pain and functions as an antibiotic and antiviral substance. Additionally, it may help to lower blood pressure and swelling. Lindera Root is also believed to reduce irregular urination and bed-wetting.

Rhubarb is known to reduce constipation, inflammation, bleeding, complications from menstrual cycles and other sores and ulcers. It is used externally for heat-induced skins burns.

Product Features

Slim 123 burns unwanted fat and subsequently discharges it through the urine. This results in unnoticeable weight loss. During the usage of Slim 123, one does not have to follow a special diet, only taking care to eat less oily food, and one does not have to perform much exercise either, just work to maintain normal activities. Slim 123 gives you a slimmer, healthy figure.

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  • Effective weight loss supplement.
  • Intended for use by patients with diabetes and are overweight.
  • Easy to use.


  • Costly.
  • Works more slowly than other dietary products.
  • May need to be combined with other weight loss activities.
  • Limited information about side effects.


Slim 123 is a gentle, yet effective weight loss product that was designed to increase fat burning and metabolic function by increasing the functions associated with bile, thus allowing the bile to burn more fat. The formula contains five natural ingredients or extracts that have been proven to result in gradual weight loss. The primary concerns include the need to combine the product with exercise as well as its slow progress toward achieving weight loss.

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