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If you could only suppress those irksome cravings for sweets, snacks, carbs, and other weight gainers. Well, there are dietary supplements available that are supposed to help you ditch the cravings. However, this does not mean these products work for everyone. This is evident in the customer reviews for appetite suppressants. Among the various appetite suppressants on the market today, you will find plenty of diet pills containing Hoodia. This is a natural plant extract, and it has gained a great deal of popularity. The product we will focus on in this piece is Slim 400, which goes for $39 (60 capsules) on websites like Amazon.


  • 100% Authentic South African Hoodia Gordonii 400mg

Product Features

Slim 400 is essentially claimed to suppress your appetite. This way you will have fewer food cravings, eat fewer calories, and prevent weight gain. Over time, this may lead to weight reduction. This supplement is only intended to suppress hunger, and is not meant for burning off fat and calories or boosting energy levels. It can be taken daily, and is fine for women and men, ages 18 and older. If you have an allergy to Hoodia Gordonii, then you should not take Slim 400 capsules. There is no special diet demanded with this weight loss formula, and exercise is not mentioned.

The only key ingredient found in Slim 400 is 100% Authentic South African Hoodia Gordonii Extract. You receive 400 milligrams per dose. This may help control your hunger and suppress your appetite. However, there is no clinical research presented on Slim 400 capsules, and only one user testimonial was found. You should be aware that there are less expensive Hoodia-based diet pills available.

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  • This weight loss pill is supposed to be all natural.
  • You can find Slim 400 capsules for sale through online dealers like Amazon.


  • There are no fat-burning ingredients used in Slim 400 capsules.
  • This product will not burn off existing body fat.
  • There is no 100% money-back guarantee provided with this supplement.
  • There are dozens of similar, Hoodia-based products available.


If you are interested in trying a diet pill that comes with a solid 100% money-back guarantee, then Slim 400 is not right for you. However, there are plenty of other Hoodia-based weight loss supplements on the market. Some of which are sold with a satisfaction guarantee. In regards to the effectiveness of Slim 400, it is unknown. While we did find one customer testimonial for this product, there is no clinical evidence that this specific product works for weight loss. Then again, it does provide a 400-milligram dose of Hoodia Gordonii, and it is claimed to be authentic.

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