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Slim Body Coach is a website created and hosted by Josh Bezoni. Bezoni is a nutritionist and research scientist for EAS (Energy Athletics Strength). He has assisted with the creation of weight loss and maintenance programs for athletes and stars. Bezoni becomes your Slim Body Coach when you join the community. The program promotes healthy weight loss by combining diet, exercise, goal setting and supplementation. The Slim Body Coach website membership is free and includes several features. Once you join with your email address, you have access to forums, journals, audio classes, calorie counters, an eating and activity tracker, a customized weight loss report and the opportunity to join the weight loss challenge.

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Successful weight loss relies on several factors. Having reputable and available support can greatly assist dieters when they encounter questions about their diet or need additional information. Items including forums and journals help to meet this need with the Slim Body Coach. Although membership is free with this online community, the website does want to sell supplements. By joining the Slim Body Coach challenge, you must agree to use one of the related products for a period of at least 12 weeks. It appears, however, that you can use the site without joining the challenge and forego the supplements as well.

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  • Membership is free.
  • There are many resources available via the web site.
  • Easy to use.


  • There have been reports and consumer complaints of unauthorized credit card charges and product shipments.
  • There are no included extras.


Slim Body Coach offers online support for people with weight loss goals. Losing weight requires a healthy diet and regular exercise, two things the Slim Body Coach promotes. With tools like a calorie counter and activity tracker, the site attempts to make it easy for dieters to stay on target. Web site visitors may develop better eating plans, increase metabolism, learn about foods to avoid, and learn how to set and achieve weight loss goals, among other attractive possibilities. It appears that this information on weight loss is to be provided for free. Slim Body Coach is claimed to be a helpful guide for men and women who wish to understand how best to proceed with a weight loss approach. Despite all the helpful information on the website, the weight loss will be a result of will power and self motivation. Some dieters may need more help in the form of supplements or other diet aids. The website is promoting lifestyle changes that will be hard for some to follow on their own.

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