Slim Calm Sexy Yoga Review

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Just about every dieter knows a yogi. Yogis are people who live for their next Yoga session. Not everyone loves Yoga to that extreme, but dieters should take a second look at this total body workout. Slim Calm Sexy Yoga is ideal for the dieter who has very little time to workout, but wants to put forth the effort to start. Exercise can be aggressive or passive and have the same effect on weight loss and metabolism. It is important to enjoy an exercise. The more the follower enjoys the movements, the greater the potential effect on weight loss. Slim Calm Sexy Yoga is explained on the Women’s Health Magazine. The workout contains 210 moves and is instructed by Tara Stiles – a personal yoga instructor.

List of Ingredients

15-Minute Calming Yoga Workout.

Product Features

If you could lose more weight by simply getting up 15 minutes earlier in the morning, would you give it a try? According to Slim Calm Sexy Yoga, dieters need only 15 minutes a day to lose weight and slim that body. The Women’s Health Magazine website offering the Slim Calm Sexy Yoga lists a 21-day free trial. At the end of the 21 days, the dieter must pay $24 for the workout program. The workout comes in the mail via DVD. After payment is made, the buyer can choose to request a refund for as long as they own the DVD. According to the description, “even 20 years” later.

There are no testimonials or video segments from the workout. The dieter has no idea what types of yoga moves are included in the workout. Only that the workout contains 210 positions or moves. Following a yoga workout like Slim Calm Sexy Yoga may require a beginner course if the instructor does not explain each of the moves. At only 15 minutes, there is very little time for instruction.

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  • Yoga is a calming workout with the right instruction.
  • The beginner will likely enjoy the short time required.
  • The price is affordable and broken into four installments of $6.
  • There is a 21-day free trial.
  • The buyer can return the workout for as long as they own the DVD.


  • No testimonials.
  • May not include instruction.
  • May be too short for intermediate or advanced yogis.


If a dieter wants to give yoga a try, this DVD offer could be the best one on the market. The buyer simply orders the DVD and tries it out for 21 days. Even if the dieter is charged for the DVD, they can request a refund at any time. There is no obligation and the workout only lasts 15 minutes. A diet and nutrition guide comes with the DVD.

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