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Slim Coach is a personal fitness device used by the contestants on the Biggest Loser. This is not the first fitness device promoted by the weight loss show – but it is the latest. The Slim Coach claims to help a dieter lose weight and get fit by tracking personalized goals. The unit is easy to use, but it may be more expensive than some dieters are willing to pay for a tracking device.

The Slim Coach and other fitness equipment, foods and weight loss products promoted by the Biggest Loser are part of a marketing campaign. The company behind the Slim Coach works with the creators of the Biggest Loser on a deal that showcases the unit in exchange for something – more than likely the Slim Coach units seen on the show are free to contestants. The hopes are that people will buy the products because the Biggest Loser contestants lose weight using them.

List of Ingredients


  • Electronic fitness equipment used to monitor fitness level.

Product Features

In a world connected to technology and “smart” devices, having another item is not a hindrance. The Slim Coach is the size of a MP3 player, yet provides as much information as a super computer. The device tracks and analyzes physical activity throughout the day and reports real-time activity levels.

When the device is attached to a computer, the dieter has the ability to review activity levels and compared with preset fitness goals. The dieter also can adjust goals according to personal preference.

What we found is the device is rather expensive. On the official website, the Slim Coach retails for $130. For what the device does and offers, a budget-conscience dieter could do the same thing with heart rate monitor and piece of paper to write down activity. We feel the device is branded with The Biggest Loser to attempt to lure unmotivated dieters into making a purchase simply because the contestants on the show use the device and lose weight.

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  • The system tracks progress so the dieter sees real-time results.
  • One year subscription is included.
  • The device is small and compact.
  • The device tracks all fitness activities.
  • Dieters can adjust fitness goals throughout the day.
  • The device keeps individuals motivated to reach specified goals.


  • The device is not ideal for individual that are sedentary throughout the day.
  • The tracking system is more motivational, rather than functional.
  • The device is expensive.


The Slim Coach is a good idea, but there is a down side to the unit. For a dieter who sits at a desk all day the unit could cause more mental harm than good. Sitting still is not going to help the dieter achieve fitness success, or in the case of the Slim Coach, move the green light to complete the circle. After a long day of work if there is more red than green, the dieter may simply give up on fitness and throw in the towel or Slim Coach.

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