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Slim Cream with Hoodia is a product that claims to fool the brain into thinking that the stomach is full. This helps users lower their calorie intake which in turn helps users lose weight. There are a ton of products on the market today that contain Hoodia Gordonii which is derived from a South African cactus and has been used from centuries by the San Bushman of the Khalari Desert as an appetite suppressant. We will review this product to see if it is any different from the other products that contain Hoodia on the market.

List of Ingredients

The official website does not list the ingredients in Slim Cream with Hoodia although we assume that this product contains at least some Hoodia Gordonii.

Product Features

Slim Cream with Hoodia absorbs through the skin to help users lose weight and suppress their appetites. This is new because until recently Hoodia Gordonii was only available in capsule form. Cream is absorb quicker and thus helps suppress the appetite soon, which should lead to a lower calorie intake by the user, and thus, result in weight loss.

This product does not contain any stimulants and claims to have no side effects. The website offers contact information. At the time of this review Slim Cream with Hoodia costs $19.95 for a 10 day trail and offered a money back guarantee if costumers do not notice results. Slim Cream with Hoodia also claims that users can lose up to 8lbs per week without diet and exercise.

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  • Contains Hoodia Gordonii which is an appetite suppressant.
  • Claims to have no side effects.


  • May not work any better than other products that contain Hoodia Gordonii.
  • Does not recommend a healthy diet in combination with using this product.


Slim Cream with Hoodia makes a lot of claims about its effectiveness as a weight loss product but we can still not whole heartedly recommend it. Healthy weight loss cannot occur with a healthy diet and exercise plan. If you are looking for a product or diet to help with weight loss you might want to continue your search. A good weight loss product should include an appetite suppressant, a healthy diet, and an exercise plan that works for you.

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    I have just started using it.. Does it help to reduce stretch marks??


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    How can I order Slim Cream???


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    Xtine Kavata

    how long will it take for visible results? What are the side effects that may be associated with the use of the cream?