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What You Should Know

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Slim Drops is a natural Apple Cider and herb based weight loss product used to support detoxification of your body. Holistic practitioners have historically used detoxification ingredients to kickstart loss of weight as well as flushing toxins from your body. It may be used in a solitary fashion or with other products. Slim Drops partners to burn excess fat with your body. It also detoxifies and removes unwanted toxins from your body.

List of Ingredients

Slim Drops Liquid contains: Apple Cider Vinegar, Celery, Burdock, Golden Seal, Raw Honey, Bladderwrack, Echinacea, Cayenne and Sarsaparilla. Apple cider vinegar is made from fresh natural apples that contain pectin, a soluble fiber which binds to cholesterol globules and helps remove them from your body. The vinegar also helps remove unwanted heavy metals.

Product Features

Apple Cider vinegar is a detoxifying and purifying substance. It breaks down fatty mucous and phlegm within the body. By breaking down these substances it enhances health and the function of vital organs within the body including the liver and kidneys. It also adds oxygen to the blood and promotes digestion. Apple Cider vinegar has been known to prevent diarrhea.

Apple Cider Vinegar has long been utilized for improving health. Slim Drops Liquid infuses its ingredients into the body, along with other compounds to reduce appetite and hunger pains. Slim Drops Liquid contains Burdock, Bladderwrack, Cayenne, Honey and a host of other natural substances. Additionally, it is known to increase fat oxidation, and enhance the body’s immune system.

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  • Company offers support and information.
  • Promotes hydration due to being used with water.
  • Easy to use.


  • Can be costly.
  • Must be taken with plenty of water.
  • Potential for side effects.
  • Most effective when combined with a regular exercise program.
  • Results are not guaranteed.
  • Many people do not like the taste or aftertaste of Apple Cider Vinegar.


Since the benefits of apple cider vinegar are still largely unproven, it’s difficult to positively endorse Slim Drops as an effective weight loss method. Some data exists to claim it can reduce cholesterol, remove toxins from the body, and aid in weight loss without the use of stimulants. Recommended usage involve using approximately twenty five drops of Slim Drop along with a glass of water, followed by two additional glasses of water later in the day. Reducing fat and cholesterol in the body should lead to increased health and accelerated weight loss, however, there are also risks involved if you have osteoporosis or take any medications.

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    Can the drops turn your urine orange::;;;;;


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    you say on your add lose 15kg in 10 days…what ibe been reading from others on your site are not saying any great loss..confused


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    Can you take these drops if you have high blood pressure? What are some side effects?