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What You Should Know

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Slim Easy Pro shakes are nothing more than an Atkins knock-off shake. Atkins is a low carbohydrate diet that requires higher than normal fat intake to switch the fat burning furnace on full blast. The body uses carbohydrates for a primary energy supply. When carbohydrates are left out of the diet, the body must resort to the next best source of energy – fat. Slim Easy Pro used to have an official website that offered a free trial of the shake, but that website no longer appears online. We assume Slim Easy Pro was popular during the low carbohydrate craze and slowly moved out of the spotlight with the rest of the low carbohydrate products that used to line grocery store shelves and freezers.

List of Ingredients

Protein shake with acai and green tea.

Product Features

The two important ingredients in Slim Easy Pro are acai berry and green tea. While we could not find a definitive ingredient list, several websites list these two ingredients as setting Slim Pro Easy apart from traditional Atkins shakes.

Acai berry is an antioxidant. Antioxidants are important during weight loss to fight damage caused by free radicals. The body can normally handle free radicals, but increased metabolism tends to increase free radicals to a level the body cannot control. Acai berry has one of the higher ORAC levels in the antioxidant world. The higher the ORAC level, the more support the fruit supplies.

Green tea is one of our favorite ingredients. It is really the perfect ingredient for weight loss. Caffeine boosts metabolism and EGCG is proven to boost weight loss. Numerous clinical trials are available supporting health benefits of green tea. We do not know how much green tea is included in the Slim Easy Pro.

The meal replacement shakes contained two carbohydrates and 10 calories. This is far less than an Atkins shake. At this level, there cannot be any protein or fat, another difference between other low carb shakes. There was a free trial for the Slim Easy Pro shake mix. Consumers were charged $89 for the purchase soon after placing the free trial order. Consumer complaints are still published on the Internet regarding these scams.

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  • Very low calorie yet packed with nutrients.
  • Low carbohydrate.


  • Qualifies as a multivitamin rather than a meal replacement.
  • Consumers were charged for a free trial.
  • The product is no longer available on the Internet.
  • Some links still lead consumers to a Slim Shake website, but the order page is no longer valid.


Slim Easy Pro was a low carbohydrate scam that contained only 10 calories. The shake was marketed as a meal replacement shake, but 10 calories just doesn’t cut it for a meal.

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