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Slim Form Patch is a plaster like patch that is placed that, when placed on the skin, the manufacturers claim will help the user to lose weight. The manufacturers of the Slim Form Patch claim that the active ingredients in the patch are absorbed into the body, through the skin. It uses the same concept as anti-smoking skin patches to deliver active ingredients throughout the day. The major active ingredients in the Slim Form Patch are Marine Algae and Fucus.


The major active ingredients in the Slim Form Patch are Marine Algaes, Glucose, Calcium, Iodine, Phosphate, Fucus, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Amino Acids.

Product Features

The manufacturers of the Slim Form Patch tell us that the patch should be placed on dry and clean skin. You should not apply the patch straight after a bath or shower. The patch, which is apparently waterproof, can be left on the skin for up to six days before it requires changing. The manufacturers claim that the active ingredients on the patch will be absorbed through the skin directly into the body and that they will have a direct effect on the user’s thyroid function. The manufacturers also claim that the result of this will be an increase in thyroid function, which will have a direct effect on your metabolism and help you burn fat faster. They tell us that the Iodine, Fucus and Marine Algae that are present in the product are particularly beneficial for thyroid function. Fucus is a type of seaweed that is said to aid thyroid function. Its antioxidant content is also very high.

There is an official website for the Slim Form Patch, although the English version of this site is currently under construction and cannot be accessed. The French version of the website is up and running. Slim patch can be ordered directly from the official website. There are ten patches in each box. One box costs on average $50.

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  • There is an official website for Slim Form Patch.
  • The patches can be ordered directly on line.
  • There is a comprehensive list of ingredients for Slim Form Patch.


  • Anyone who has any kind of pre-existing thyroid problem should not use the Slim Form Patch.
  • The manufacturers do not provide us with any clinical proof that the Slim Form Patch is superior to other weight loss methods.
  • There have been no controlled standardized tests carried out regarding Skin Patch.
  • Product return policy is unclear.
  • No free trial sample is offered for first time uses.


It is known that substances such as Iodine and Fucus do have an effect on thyroid function. However, you should never interfere with your thyroid function without first seeking a doctor’s opinion. Even after seeking a doctor’s opinion, if you decide to use Slim Form Patch, there is simply not enough evidence available comparing it to the many proven oral supplements on the market.

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  • 1

    Can you bath or shower when wearing a slim patch, will getting it wet effect it ?


    Arnold (Editor)

    Hi Karen, for now just use as directed. The manufacturers of the Slim Form Patch tell us that the patch should be placed on dry and clean skin. You should not apply the patch straight after a bath or shower.


  • 2

    is it single use?
    how long can a person use it? tnx


    Your Name

    from what i read it is single use i dont know the second part of your question. i bought mine on ebay and they said to wear it for 8 hours at night while u sleep so im not sure what is correct anymore


  • 3

    Don’t don’t ever buy this product they are thifes they would send and send you this product and charge you over and over and if you call good lock someone to lessen to you .fraud .fruud


  • 4

    Do you get the back off the Ohindo Slim Patch? I can’t get it off. Also mine are not sticky or anything. How do I use these? Thank you for any help you can give.


    Your Name

    mine have a very thin shin on them i was able to peal off and it was sticky under that


  • 5

    I have just ordered the slim patch i hope it works i will comment again after i use up all my patches in see if its any use or not.


  • 6
    warren yazzolino

    Update/ correction My review is for slimweightpatch not slim form patch; the company name is RODUVE


    Your Name

    Can you shower with the ultraslim/slimweight patch? I got the ultraslim and it doesn’t say if I can shower with it on………all it tells me is to put it on a clean dry spot…..


  • 7
    warren yazzolino

    I tried to get my money back, because the slimweight product did not work. I sent the product back to them. they said it never came, and refuse to refund the money. I am alerting visa to start an investigation for fraud. Do not buy from this company


  • 8

    I am 65 years old and hypoglycimic. Can I use Slim Form Patch?



    No,do not use this. Exercise and eat heathy for the best fit results.


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