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Well, you have probably heard plenty about fad diets, healthy eating plans, fitness programs, dietary supplements that encourage fat loss, and even appetite-suppressing pills. However, have you ever come across a dessert food that aids with weight loss? Well, there is one called Slim Ice. It is actually a type of ice cream or frozen dessert that is claimed to burn off fat.

This weight loss formula is probably one of the few that come with a mixer device. After all, you must blend the powder formula with ice and/or other ingredients before chilling it in the freezer. While Slim Ice is supposed to help the user burn off calories, it is also claimed to curb hunger, which may encourage the dieter to consume less calories overall throughout the day. Moreover, this product offers whey protein for lean muscle support.

List of Ingredients

Green Tea Extract, Vitamin B12, Whey Protein, Acai Berry Extract, Fiber, and Citrus Extracts.

Product Features

Slim Ice is unique in the sense that it is a calorie-burning ice cream. Naturally most people do not relate desserts such as ice cream to weight reduction. However, this particular ice cream is claimed to help users shed a few unwanted pounds. It is infused with key ingredients like Acai Berry Extract (contains antioxidants that may assist with immune system support and cancer prevention), Green Tea (offers EGCG, which is a form of caffeine) and Fiber (helps with regularity). Put simply, Slim Ice is stated to have a fat-burning effect, and the fiber content may encourage feelings of satiety. It appears that this slimming ice cream only comes in royal chocolate flavor. It is actually a powder formula that must be mixed before serving (is sold with its own ice cream maker). A single serving of Slim Ice contains around 80 calories (15 servings per container). Unfortunately this weight loss product appears to be discontinued.

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  • Slim Ice may taste like chocolate ice cream, which many dieters are likely to enjoy.
  • This powder formula contains Acai Berry Extract, which is loaded with antioxidants.


  • There is no official price provided for this weight loss ice cream.
  • Slim Ice contains a form of caffeine, which may cause jitters in some users.
  • There is no specific diet or exercise encouraged with this product.
  • Like many other formulas for weight reduction, Slim Ice has been taken off the market.


It is clear that Slim Ice contains a few common weight loss components like Green Tea Extract, Acai Berry Extract, and Fiber. However, there is likely a reason why it was pulled from the weight loss market. While it is nice to see that Slim Ice contains Acai Berry Extract, it additionally contains caffeine, which some dieters may not appreciate.

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    piyuish sharma

    I want know its all procedure .and also how to purchase it.and for how many days it should be used.


  • 2
    Dr.Neelam Ruth Paul

    Its new for me but sounds interesting.I want to know more about this and as I am from India would like to know how to purchase it.Thanks.