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Imagine you seeing yourself at your goal weight or size before you reach it. It may motivate you to keep working hard and eating right. But is there any way that you can actually see this? Yes, you can foresee your weight loss goals using the Slim Image program.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable. Not a supplement, but a computer imaging program.

Product Features

Slim Image is a computer program that starts with a full body image of the user and adjusts the photo to the user’s specifications. The Slim Image website had a demo for professionals interested in purchasing the program. Basically, you are given small squares to place in the desired areas of the body. Hips, waist, thighs, calves, shoulders, chest, and neck are all included in the settings. You are then asked to put in a starting weight and a goal weight, and the image then is slimmed down to what you selected as the goal size. By uploading a phtoo, you will see your desired weight loss results mapped onto your own body. Slim Image has been featured on weight loss television programs to show participants what they will look like after reaching their ideal weight.

Professional trainers wishing to use this program do not pay a one-time price; rather, they pay a subscription each month to make use of it. As of now, it costs $99 to first join and $49 a month to subscribe to Slim Image. Individuals may purchase a one-time image and print out, with a before and after photo, for $9.95.

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  • The site offers a demo for professional trainers, but individuals interested in the program can also access the demo and try it out.
  • Motivates the user to lose weight.
  • Can have an image done at a doctor’s office or by a personal trainer.


  • There are other, less expensive programs available that can alter photographs similarly on a computer.
  • The price for a single Slim Image picture is rather high at $9.95.
  • This program does not burn fat or otherwise help you lose weight..


When you are trying to lose weight, motivation is definitely valuable. Slim Image provides visual motivation. However, with the high price and the fact that it is only an image, you would be better off looking elsewhere for motivation.

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