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megan, January 11th, 2010:

Yes, it works. You HAVE to follow the instructions. Watch your calories and do the workouts. I have had friends try it and say that it doesn’t work. This is because they eat whatever they want and work out when they feel like it! If you don’t do what it says, you won’t get the results. If you do, it’s amazing the results you will get!
I purchased mine on and didn’t have to do the monthly installments or get any other programs that I didn’t want to sign up for initially.But, ended up buying extra dvds to tone up!

Emily, February 6th, 2010:

How often is it suggested that you work out with this program? Is it an everyday workout? Because with other workout programs after the first day I am too sore to do another for a couple days.

emma lee, March 18th, 2010:

you have to workout 6 days in a row then you get one day for a break and you do that for 6 weeks plus eating right…

wendy, October 5th, 2010:

I got Slim in six a few weeks ago but can’t find the instruction book what is the tape order and how often do you switch? weekly daily or when you master the previous tape?

mindy, November 12th, 2010:

There’s some great options in this series…some say to buy their 2 day fast formula to help lose up to 10 lbs before you get started, but that’s completely up to you. To get started they suggest doing Phase 1 (start it up) until you have mastered it and it is no longer much of a challenge before moving into Phase 2 (ramp it up). They encourage you to get into Phase 2 as soon as you can, hopefully within 1 week. If it is too hard, then Switch back n forth as often as you like, but your goal is to be doing Ramp it Up 6 days per week as soon as possible. Do the AB routine, SLIM & 6Pack 3 times per week and the SLIM & LIMBER stretch routine every day, even your day off. You may ever want to try BURN IT UP as soon as the 3rd or 4th week and go back n forth with Ramp it up. When I do use the start it up on my (tired) days, i will also do the resistance bands segment in RAMP it up and some stretching from slim and limber. I’m on my 2nd week and I feel great so far, my pants are getting looser already and i have way more stamina and energy to run after my little ones. They even try to follow along with the videos. I also have been eating a protein drink after my morning workout along with some fruit and really watching everything i eat. all lean meats and whole grains and all low glycemic foods to help burn fat and use all the protein for my muscles. i stick a huge list of good foods on the fridge so it helps me to eat better and not feel like i’m missing out on yummy foods. i do miss my vodka tonics but for the first time i feel like i can get in shape if i stick to it. good luck to all.

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