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Slim Kick from Evolution Slimming is all-natural and claims to promote weight loss with proven ingredients. There is a spectacular testimonial with large before and after photos, but the ingredient list is nowhere to be found. There is a place for ingredients are all pages listing the supplement for sale and there are ingredient lists for most other Evolution Slimming products, but none for Slim Kick.

List of Ingredients


  • Red Pepper Extract
  • Green Tea Extract

Product Features

We pulled the two ingredients listed from the product description. We know there is also caffeine in the supplement, but we are unsure if the caffeine comes from the green tea or if it is added as an extract ingredient. We are also not sure how much caffeine is supplied per dose of the supplement, but the company warns dieters not to use more than the suggested amount.

Red pepper extract is a natural fat burner with some expert support. The ingredient is safe for most dieters, but how much is added is not revealed. The same can be said for green tea; experts and clinical studies have proven the health benefits of this strong antioxidant. We have the same problem when it comes to green tea because there is no amount listed. If caffeine is added it could be as much as 200 mg or more per serving. Caffeine is commonly used as a natural fat burner and even as an appetite suppressant.

Evolution Slimming and Slim Kick support affiliate programs so you will find this supplement listed all over the Internet with tons of fake reviews, testimonials and reports on just how effective the formula is at promoting weight loss and reducing hunger. These websites cannot be trusted as the dieter who chooses to click the link and purchase the supplement is paying that site for use of the link via the affiliate program.

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  • Contains green tea extract.


  • No ingredients are listed on the official website.
  • Slim Kick may contain large amounts of caffeine.
  • You find multiple affiliate sites before the official website.


We are always on the lookout for a proven effective weight loss supplement with great testimonials and no risk to the dieter. Slim Kick is not that supplement. It’s not that the ingredients are necessarily dangerous, but we have no idea what ingredients are used in the formula. Slim Kick could contain dangerous ingredients or tons of caffeine and the dieter would never know.

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