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Losing weight has been on top of everyone’s list for years. Many products promising weight loss have come and gone and the truly effective one’s are generally famous (e.g. Slim-Fast). However, these popular methods aren’t always for everyone. Slim-Lite is a product that rarely turns up any search results and does not have much marketing; however, in the dieting community, Slim-Lite has steadily become very reputable.

Slim-Lite effectively drinks away weight loss according to the online community of dieters and weight-loss aficionados. With the presence of two of the major weight-loss ingredients, Citrimax and ChromeMate, Slim-Lite has been known to work well if taken consistently. There are no limitations to diet and exercise, but rather Slim-Lite is simply a stimulant that speeds up metabolism and weight loss. These elements are known to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, energy, and the build-up of fatty acids and lipids.

List of Ingredients

Citrimax and ChromeMate.

Product Features

Slim-Lite is a 0-calorie, 0-sugar drink that contains weight-loss ingredients Citrimax and ChromeMate. The goal of the drink is to promote a healthy metabolic system that keeps up energy and prevents fat cells from building up or being converted to fat. The Slim-Lite flavors include fruit flavors, cola, and diet fitness water flavors. Slim-Lite pitches the theory of quenching one’s desire to drink soda (Slim-Lite soda) and lose weight simultaneously. There is, however, a mixed response from the online community as to whether Slim-Lite prevents hunger pangs on a consistent basis. The cost of this product is $6.79 for a 12-pack of Slim-Lite.

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  • Slim-Lite has 0 calories and is sugar free.
  • Samples of Slim-Lite are available at most Sam’s Club stores.
  • Slim Lite allows soda lovers to get their water intake, increase metabolism, and quench their thirst for soda.


  • There is very little visibility for this product.
  • There is no official website for Slim-Lite.
  • There is uncertainty to the idea of Slim-Lite being a hunger suppressant.
  • There is no clinical research or expert recommendation for Slim-Lite.


The bottom line is that Slim-Lite needs more recognition and clinical recommendations to be considered as a legitimate option for losing weight. It’s best to confirm the side effects of any product you take with your physician. Clearly, there is a high probability that your doctor will not have heard of Slim-Lite. Slim-Lite does promote a healthy metabolism and energy with the presence of Citrimax and ChromeMate in addition to the fact that it is calorie free. Ultimately, Slim-Lite does not pitch its product very well, which makes the skeptics doubt the product even more. Without having a reasonable amount of knowledge of the product, you should approach with caution.

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20 User Reviews about Slim Lite

  • 1

    I used the Slim Lite water years ago and loved it !!
    I felt it helped the Hunger pangs !!!
    The only reason I stopped drinking it ,is because Sam’s club and Walmart stopped carrying it …. Would love to have it back again !!!!
    Do you know what company makes it ? A phone number , address anything ???
    I had a address years ago , Girl Scout Rd., in Tampa, Flordia if I remember right !
    In info you can hook me up with will be appreciated ?Thank,Deb


  • 2

    I had cancelled my account and I did not authorize any more product to be sent to me. I am very upset about this situation. I am going to call my bank and tell them to stop your company from sending any more product to me. I am also very concern that there is no way to contact your company.


  • 3

    Great product…. Can I order it on line???


  • 4
    patricia willett

    I returned your product on 7/23/2012 with the receipt and still have not received my refund of $59.95. please sent the refund. thank you Customer Number 1072445-8


  • 5
    Betsy Munro

    Where is my product? It was supposed to be sent “priority” mail. What a joke.


  • 6
    Nancy Noll

    Your so called program was a joke. I did not lose ANY weight. Please remove my name from your mailing list.
    N. Noll


  • 7

    I ordered this product over the phone, by the phone number on the letter I got in the mail. They took the money out of my acct. 6/25 and this is 7/12. It was priority mail? It should have arrived by now. I called the order number and they said there is no customer service number or email and I would have to write the company to find out what happened to my order. Can any one help?


  • 8

    i ordered your slim light capsules….i have not lost weight in 9 days…i need to know if i am doing something wrong….and a customer service number thanks


  • 9
    Annis Kenny

    I received an ad in the mail for Slim Lite and placed an order via internet. I’ve heard from no one regarding my order. I would really like to have this product as I have about 100 lbs to lose. Where can I get Slim Lite?


  • 10

    I just realized that our email addresses are not visible. The address on the order envelope is:
    Slim Light
    4 South Orange Avenue, Box 408
    South Orange, NJ 07079-1207



    how do you purchase slim light


  • 11

    I got an advertisement in the mail for Slim Light. No phone number, but if you want the address, shoot me an email. Since you already used it, I want to ask you a few questions before I order it.


  • 12

    IWhere, oh where can I find slim-lite… I was using this product some years back and I lost a total of 67 pounds… Now I can’t find this product anywhere… This is.the best and safe way to lose weight… I really need to find this..
    Thank you so much…



    look on 1 day sale today only they have a special real cheap hope this helps :_)


  • 13
    Dott Anderson

    Where can I buy slim lite drinks I bought them at Sams at one time but they stopped caring them.


  • 14
    Christene Brown

    I want to know where I can buy Slim Lite drinks, they are no longer at Sam’s club.I dranked them and lost 45 lbs and I need to find them. They worked on losing weight. I live in Florence , Ala 35640



    Which one did you use and how many did you drink per day?


  • 15

    I’ve tried Slim-Lite before. I would love to know where i could find it?


  • 16
    Doris Wilder

    Please tell me where,or how to purchase slim-lite drinks? Sams club does not purchase anymore.



    where can I buy slim-lite