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Weight loss has become a developing art in the 21st century and you will notice that countless people are implementing new strategies to slim down. Unfortunately, for many, the work schedule leaves no time or energy for a rigorous weight-loss regiment. However, with the advent of Slim Mints Diet Mints, you no longer have to worry about working those long 8 hours shifts and squeezing time in for working out. Slim Mints Diet Mints profess to have created a product that combines a weight-loss pill with the always refreshing, breath mint. Although the website does not contain much evidence as to the effectiveness of these mints, they are available in all major retail stores (e.g. Target), an indication of some level of reliability.

While there seems to be a link to the famous Slim-Fast products, the Slim Mints Diet Mints don’t seem to have easy access to an official website, and mainly come up in skeptical reviews. Without a doubt, having a breath mint that helps you lose weight would be a dream come true; however, is it just that, a dream? The cost of this system is $4.99, but has been spotted on the internet for as low as a regular mint tin—approximately $2.99.

List of Ingredients

The official ingredients are not available for this product. The discernible ingredients include Green Tea Extract, L-Carnitine, and Chromium Picolinate.

Product Features

The Slim Mints Diet Mints product aims to enhance metabolism and decrease cravings, particularly for calorie-rich junk foods. While you aren’t necessarily burning calories galore, you definitely are working your way to a better diet. There are online reviews, particularly on, that endorse this product; however, there is not a single expert’s review or endorsement of this product. What should be noted though is the relative accessibility of the product and the ease of use. It is practically effortless and there are no extensive guidelines to follow in order to be successful.

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  • The Slim Mints Diet Mints can be easily acquired at retail stores like Target.
  • The investment is extremely minimal, ranging from $4.99 online to $2.99 in stores.
  • The mints increase metabolism and kill incessant cravings.


  • There is not one clinical review and endorsement of this product.
  • Reviewers on the web have noted that the mints help kill cravings, but do not help in the actual process of losing weight.
  • The official website is difficult to find, and there are many other entries containing this product before the actual website.
  • The amount of I-Carnitine in studies that show this ingredient helps in losing weight is at significantly reduced levels in the mints.


There are a myriad of weight loss programs that can be had with a click of the mouse or a swipe of the card. In any case, the Slim Mints Diet Mints is an interesting and innovating strategy that attempts to eliminate weight gain more than it helps in weight loss. While there are many positives to using Slim Mints, there remains the disturbing fact that there is not a single testimonial on the official website endorsing the product. What inspires further doubt is the fact that there are no samples prior to purchase, as well as the lack of an official ingredients list. It may be best to use the proven products with the known side effects despite the ease of access and relatively inexpensive value.

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