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If you are looking for a diet supplement that can spur weight loss, without doing any extra work, the Slim Nite product may be worth considering. With today’s busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to find time for the gym, or eating properly. Although many of you have probably not heard of Slim Nite, it’s a tablet that is taken in the evening, generally prior to going to bed. A company by the name of Power Health is the manufacturer of these Slim Nite tablets.

There is no money-back guarantee for this product, nor is the official site easily accessible. The Slim Nite tablets sell for $9.99 packages; however, online retailers occasionally discount this product. On the contrary, sites such as Ebay and Amazon list this product, in a package of 45 capsules, at roughly 10 pounds (currency of England). Be advised and aware before buying these products from auction sites and used.

List of Ingredients

The primary ingredient in the Slim Nite is the L Carnitine that helps increase metabolism and breaks down fat, turning them into energy. Aside from the L Carnitine, there are an assortment of amino acids that break down the stored body fat into energy.

Product Features

The slogan of the Slim Nite tablets is “Slimming While you Sleep,” which is the main selling point of this product. Obviously, if you can lose weight without trying and it doesn’t harm you, what’s the problem? The L Carnitine in the tablets helps break down fats and increase metabolism, all while you sleep. The scientific reasoning behind this diet pill is that amino acids will transfer fatty acids across the membrane of the mitochondria, which is where these fatty acids can be turned into energy.

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  • The Slim Nite tablets can be easily acquired online.
  • There are 45 tablets in one package and will last you over a month. Inexpensive packages.
  • There are a few testimonials from user on Amazon.


  • This weight reduction program is hyped on the website like an infomercial.
  • Scientifically, it’s a little bit over the top that one can actually lose weight while they sleep, just from taking a pill.
  • There is no note of money-back guarantees, although packages are inexpensive.
  • There is no expert endorsement for the product.


While there are many trusted and proven products out there, the Slim Nite tablet may be an option for dieters just because of its ease of use: lose weight while sleeping. However, there are many programs out there, albeit pricy, that give you one-on-one assistance and tell you exactly what is going in your body and what is going to happen. It is always safe to take a preventative measure toward tablets that are not endorsed by scientists, nutritionists, or researchers in the field.

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    Day 2 and honestly I cannot sleep at night. I have taken them just before bed and hours later I’m still away. Slight headache as well and feel need to drink a lot of water. Will update on results I am also exercising and eating healthy lean meat and veg no carbs no junk