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Weight loss is a problem that millions of Americans face each day. And in order to address this increasingly important health and wellness issue, people are keen on finding effective products that will help them to battle the bulge. One of the popular products out there is Slim-Rite. Slim-Rite is a diet pill that claims to be all-natural in aiding weight loss. Produced by a company called Health Aid, Slim-Rite boasts of a hefty list of organic ingredients which are safe and non-addictive. Slim-Rite’s angle to weight loss is geared towards the enhancement of the body’s metabolism, digestive process and excretion process. The prescribed dosage of intake is two tablets three times a day, around thirty minutes before each meal. Although if the desired weight has already been achieved or if some unwanted effects appear, the intake should naturally be reduced to at least half.


Slim-Rite’s list of ingredients is quite hefty. Some of them fit the description of common fat-reducing agents while others are mostly laxatives and diuretic agents that are mostly for the promotion of a healthy colon. Some of Slim-Rite’s active ingredients include Alfalfa Leaf Powder, Cascara Sagrado Extract, Buckthorn Extract, Uva Ursi Extract and Ginger Root Extract. Again, most of the ingredients mentioned are essential for increased or more regular bowel movement.< p>

Product Features

Slim-Rite claims to work by aiding the body’s natural processes of digestion and metabolism. According to their promotions, the diet pill is suitable for people who are already undergoing weight loss programs, are experiencing constipation, or are simply looking to increase their metabolic process. Most users of the product say that regular intake of the said supplement has caused them to have more frequent bowel movements and excessive loss of water. This may be a welcomed change for some people but a few also consider it as a cheap shot at weight loss. While some of its ingredients do promote the burning of existing fat, a lot of the product’s ingredients are solely connected to the removal of excess body fluid and waste- things which are very easy to acquire again. What this means is that to really lose the fat you have, and to tone your body, you will still have to do some serious exercise.

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  • Reduces food cravings
  • Increases the body’s metabolism
  • Good for improving gastrointestinal health
  • Can easily be purchased online and at health stores


  • Not recommended for pregnant women
  • Also not advisable for nursing mothers
  • May have laxative effects in some cases
  • Should still be accompanied by a calorie-controlled diet and regular exercise


Based on its ingredients and customer testimonials, Slim-Rite is a product that is worth trying. However, if you want a steady and healthy weight-loss, don’t depend on this product alone. It can help you to lose the unwanted wastes in your system but in order to shape your body healthily, you still need to exercise and eat the right kinds of food.< p>

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