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What You Should Know

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Spray this tiny bottle on the inside of your cheek and your hunger will disappear. This sounds too good to be true because it is. Slim Spray is a simple weight loss product that supplies the body with glucose, a form of sugar. According to the product description, hunger disappears with just a few sprays because the body gets the energy it needs and the brain turns off the hunger signal. Energy is measured in calories. Slim Spray contains two calories per dose. That is not enough energy to stop the stomach from grumbling with hunger.

List of Ingredients

Water, Glucose, Glycerin, Sodium Glycocholate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Benzoate (preservative), Natural Flavors.

Product Features

Slim Spray is a unique product that does not fight hunger with an appetite suppressant. Instead it gives the body a tiny dose of what it is craving to stop hunger, temporarily. When food is consumed, glucose is released to convert that food to energy. Glucose levels stay elevated until food is digested and then the brain turns off the glucose drip. Glucose drops back to normal levels, but if glucose levels were extremely high, as is the case after consuming simple carbohydrates like sugar, levels can drop below normal before evening out. Once glucose levels drop below normal, the brain releases the hunger signal because the body needs more energy. Here is where Slim Spray comes into play.

Slim Spray contains sugar in the form of glucose. Glucose levels will balance out for a brief time and hunger will likely fade away – that is if there was enough glucose in the formula. Slim Spray has only two calories, not enough to impact glucose levels at all.

There is no diet or exercise plan associated with Slim Spray. Dieters need to get up and move more to burn calories and lose weight. Exercise can also help regulate blood glucose levels so hunger is not a problem. Dieters with diabetes should not use a glucose spray for weight control or appetite suppression. Even a small amount of glucose can have negative effects.

Slim Spray has no official website that we could find.

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  • Available in small, portable spray container.
  • Tastes faintly of orange.


  • Contains no ingredients to suppress appetite.
  • Not safe for diabetics.
  • Contains glucose or sugar.
  • No proven ingredients for weight loss.
  • Will not suppress appetite.


There are some products that make huge claims and don’t even come close. Slim Spray offers no weight loss benefits to the dieter. Instead of fighting hunger with chromium or another safe ingredient, Slim Spray supplies glucose. Dieters will not likely feel any appetite relief. If they do, it is a placebo effect.

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