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Slim 10 is a weight loss supplement that made a lot of noise when it came out in the market. Its main marketing angle revolves around the 10 patented and clinically-proven effective ingredients that it has. In addition to these ingredients is South African Hoodia which is currently a very popular weight loss ingredient. When compared to other diet supplements in the market, you’ll notice that Slim 10 is pegged at the higher end of the price range. The manufacturers say that the price tag is due to the research, science and effectiveness that back up their product. Their official website includes a lengthy discussion of each of the ten main ingredients. You can also find an informative FAQ section which potential buyers may find useful. In addition to this, there are also a few customer testimonials with before and after pictures to show how the product has worked for them. The producers of Slim 10 also offer a 90-day money back guaranty that adds a bit more credibility to the product. One of the major criticisms about the Slim 10 however is aimed at the long list of ingredients. Some experts say that having too many active ingredients results into a limited amount for each. Therefore, the small amount of Chromemate for example, may not be enough to actually cause any visible results. Think of it as a jack-of-all-trades without a single specialization.


In no particular order, here are the ten patented ingredients of Slim 10: : Super Citrimax®, Tonalin®, Advantra Z®, Phase 2®, 7-Keto®, NeOpuntia®, ForsLean®, Slimaluma®, ChromeMatse® and CarniPure®. These ingredients come with US Patents for their specific formulas as well as clinical studies that support their claims. These ingredients are basically formulated to promote weight-loss by increasing metabolism, breaking down fat and curbing one’s appetite among others. Try visiting their website to view a detailed discussion of each ingredient.< p>

Product Features

Aside from being pretty transparent about its ingredients, Slim 10 also comes with a good back-up website which contains useful product information as well as real contact details about the company. One thing that you may not like though is that the price for Slim 10 starts at a whopping $75 on the minimum. This bottle will last you for about a month and you’ll have to shell out more if you like the product.

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  • Clear list of credible ingredients
  • Money-back guaranty
  • Informative product info
  • Clinical and testimonial support


  • Steep price
  • Limited amounts for each active ingredient may affect product effectivity


There are a million weight loss products out there and most of them feature one or two active main ingredients that will help you to achieve your goal. Slim 10 however stands out with its patented list of 10 believable ingredients that are backed up by hefty research. And although, the effectivity of all of them combined may be something to further verify, it is still worth checking out. You may want to think twice if you’re not ready to shell out a pretty penny for a single bottle but their money-back guaranty could convince you to go for it.

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