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Slim Xtreme Gold is a weight loss and cleansing supplement that seems to have a missing manufacturer. We did find mention of Global Wellness in some online literature about Slim Xtreme Gold, but the website for that company does not list Slim Xtreme Gold as a current product. We did find, however, that several online vitamin and supplement companies sell the product for various prices averaging about $50 a bottle. Without a viable manufacturer to link to the supplement, the product may contain ingredients not listed or it could be another product with just a new label and marketing portfolio.

List of Ingredients

Bitter Orange Fruit, Cassia Seed, Mulberry Leaf, Jobstears Seed, Medical Amylum, Konjac Root, Lotus Leaf.

Product Features

The descriptive literature explains the Slim Xtreme Gold product as being a weight loss supplement “now” with cleansing. This means there must be a natural laxative in the supplement somewhere, so we will take a look at that when we investigate the ingredient list.

Bitter Orange Fruit is the first ingredient and is likely the most abundant in the supplement. Bitter orange goes by several names including synephrine and citrus aurantium. The supplement description claims bitter orange is commonly used to fight mild insomnia, but the fact is this ingredient is stimulant. There have been claims of fainting, increased heart rate and disorders of the heart associated with bitter orange. Nowhere in the Slim Xtreme Gold literature is this ingredient revealed as a stimulant.

Cassia Seed is described as a natural laxative. The information we found verifies this ingredient does have laxative properties so this is the cleansing ingredient and it comes in as the second most prominent ingredient. That is pretty powerful.

Mulberry Leaf is listed as another potential laxative, but the information we found for the supplement lead us to believe the ingredient was better used to control blood sugar levels when taken in one gram doses before large meals.

Jobstears Seed, or Job’s Tears Seed, is listed as having the ability to help the bowels move as well. That makes three ingredients with cleansing properties and only one stimulant. This supplement is reading more like a colon cleansing supplement than a weight loss supplement. Medical Amylum is a starch that could have cleansing properties. Konjac Root is simply glucomannan another fiber. Lotus Leaf is the final ingredient which lends anti-diarrheal properties.

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  • Bitter orange may increase heart rate and metabolism.


  • Multiple laxatives and fiber sources.
  • Bitter orange may cause unhealthy side effects including increased potential for heart attack and stroke.


Slim Xtreme Gold is not a safe weight loss product. There are no proven weight loss ingredients and the supplement has more laxatives than most dieters would like to take.

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  • 1

    hi iv started using slim xtreme gold for a week now,Iv feel as like there is something stuck in my windpipe inbetween my breast iv had this feeling now for four days ,could this be a side affect.



    Stop taking it is very harmful


  • 2

    I never use before but i going to train to use…


  • 3
    Mayra Torres

    Llevo 2 semana tomandolo y no he bajado ni una libra y sigo con ansiedad de comer,no he visto los resultados,me podran ayudar.


    Your Name

    Si no haces dieta jamas bajaras y tmbn ejercicios


  • 4

    Iv used this product, only side effect iv experienced is feeling thirsty, as for the multiple laxative ingredients, I find I go less, however it does work, iv lost weight from these and never felt better



    I was wondering if you could let me know where you order the pills because I previously took them but bought them from a person I know which no longer has them and I have been trying to find them online but all the ones I find are fakes. I would really appreciate it thanks.



    I use to take the extreme slim (green pill) and they worked very well. Being thirsty was my only side effect, besides the weight loss. I’ve ordered again and they aren’t the same. Please contact me if someone knows where to get the original


    Your Name

    I can’t find the original extreme slim.


  • 5
    ella zephie

    Can’t I take this even if I have gallstones


  • 6
    esty julian

    Is it really dangerous?


  • 7

    Ive used this product for 6 months, n so has my mom, I e lost 60 pounds n no side effects, I enjoy my coffe, when w others I’ve gotten shakes n sick, is the only product that has ever worked for me w no side effects.. N I have not exercised on those 6 months. My mom has a thyroid problem w prescribed meds, doc said is ok, n she has not experienced any side effects either.



    Where did you buy it? There’s so many places online you don’t know which one is the real thing?


  • 8
    shirley temple

    i find slim extreme is an excellent product for appetite control. I used the product or the first time to help me drop a couple dress sizes fo my wedding . as a short term fix for a few vanity lbs – i guess its a good product. but i also had a consisted exercise routine and healthy diet. the pill just helped me keep my diet on track. But in terms of cleaninsing …im not so sure if it contributed in any way to that.


  • 9

    can someon who has had a blot use slimxtrene


  • 10

    can someon with High blood pressure take this diet pill?



    I wouldn’t suggest taking it if you had high blood pressure. The last thing you want is a stroke.


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