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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Slim2o is a powdered form of FormulaPi2. FormulaPi2 contains ingredients that swell in the stomach, leaving the dieter less hungry and physically unable to eat as much. The trouble with these types of weight loss products is the misconception that a full stomach leads to increased weight loss. Just because the dieter will eat less food does not mean they will choose healthy, diet friendly choices. Even if the dieter cuts how much they are eating in half, they could eat enough calorie-rich food like fast food or pizza, to cause weight gain. The FormulaPi2 website lists a bit of information on Slim2o, but the official website for the product is not currently live. There is a “Coming Soon” message that has been there since 2008.

List of Ingredients

Potato Protein Powder, Calcium and White Tea.

Product Features

Potato protein powder is the main ingredient in FormulaPi2. This is the element that blows up in the stomach and causes the dieter to feel full faster. While protein is important to weight loss, there is very little evidence that potato protein powder is any more effective than whey protein. Typically, protein is not included as an appetite suppressant. We have not reviewed many other products that claim protein swells when in contact with water.

Calcium is important for bone and joint health. Magnesium is normally included in supplements with calcium because calcium can cause constipation. Slim2o does not contain magnesium, so we are concerned the dieter may suffer from slow bowel movements after taking the supplement for several days. There is no fiber in the supplement to counteract the calcium.

White tea is the final ingredient. White tea is a source of caffeine and EGCG. Supplements are often standardized for these elements and specific information on how much (as a percentage of the total mg) is included on the label. Slim2o does not have a label published online because the website is not live.

The ingredients in FormulaPi2 are available on the official website for that product. We were unable to find a complete ingredient list for Slim2o so there may be other ingredients, like flavors and coloring.

The price for Slim2o is not available.

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  • Slim2o contains protein.
  • Absorbs quickly in water.
  • Easy to take.


  • Pricing information is not available online.
  • The official website is not currently available.
  • Slim2o is a powdered form of another weight loss supplement.


There is no little verifiable information on Slim2o, we suggest choosing another product for weight loss. The ingredients are not proven to boost metabolism or suppress appetite. Even if the price of the supplement were lower than average it would not change the fact that the ingredients are not proven.

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