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Time and again, the weight loss community comes out with new and exotic products that claim to have miraculous benefits towards losing unwanted pounds. One of the newest wonder ingredients that people are looking into are Acai berries. The fruit originated from the rainforests of the Amazon and claims to provide benefits which include a cleansed colon, improved complexion, relief from arthritis and even improved immune system. More importantly the fruit is believed to boost metabolism, relieve constipation, and yes, aid in weight reduction. One of the diet supplements in the market that uses Acai berries as its main ingredient is SlimAcai. The product can be obtained via a free trial offer although what they don’t make clear are the shipping charges that one has to pay. Failure to cancel the subscription will cause you credit card to be charged around $90 per month. One has to be careful when dealing with the product and getting samples because there are a lot of scammers which are ready to pounce on unsuspecting consumers.


SlimAcai is actually the combination of two major ingredients. The first one is called Slimulana, a formula which contains Caralluma Fimbriata extract, an Indian ingredient believed to cause increased stamina and suppressed hunger. The second ingredient as mentioned above, are Acai berries. The manufacturers also mention adding extracts of Pomegranate to boost the antioxidant potency of the product.< p>

Product Features

SlimAcai is a natural supplement that is supposed to help men and women in their quest for weight loss. It claims to do so via its two all-natural ingredients that aim to curb one’s appetite, reduce food cravings and promote regular bowel movement. There are no money-back guarantees for the product and there are almost no scientific studies to back it up. Even the price for the actual product is difficult to find and although there are a couple of supposed customer success stories with before and after pictures, some consumers are firm on saying that the entire product offer is a scam.

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  • All-natural ingredients such as fruit extracts
  • A free trial sample if one is willing to pay shipping and handling fees
  • Claims for an improved bowel movement and increased metabolism


  • Lack of scientific data to back up its claims
  • Suspicious client reviews
  • No refunds or money-back options
  • Marked as a scam by some internet stories


Althoug SlimAcai appears to have interesting and all-natural main ingredients, the lack of valuable information, research and data should be considered. The product can be tried for free at a certain shipping price but the offer is seen as a scam by some. You may want to look over other weight loss supplements first before grabbing the free-trial opportunity. < p>

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