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Shedding unwanted pounds is never an easy task. This is why, hordes of weight loss supplements flock the shelves of nutritional shops as well as online stores. One of these products goes by the name of SlimAlli. SlimAlli is a diet supplement that is supposed to be taken before meals. It contains plant-based extracts that claim to be effective for burning fat and suppressing the appetite. What’s unique about the product is that it also claims to contain vitamins and minerals for energy. The product’s manufacturers have created a website to support the product. It contains a lot of data which one may or may not find useful as well as a video which promotes the product. The site feels like a hard-hitting sales pitch although some of the data does seem to be informative for potential customers. It may also be important for some to know that the pill is fully manufactured within the United States.


One of SlimAlli’s main ingredients is called Caralluma Fimbriata. The plant extract is supposedly taken from a cactus that originated from somewhere in India. They say that the plant is used by the locals to suppress their appetites and quench their thirsts. According to the manufacturers, the said ingredient has been in existence for hundreds of years now. In addition to this, each SlimAlli pill also contains a derivative of green tea which posesses Caffeine and Theanine, two proven substances that increase metabolism and improve one’s mood.

Product Features

SlimAlli claims to aid weight loss if it is taken a few minutes before each meal. It is said to work by burning more fat than what is consumed by the user. Furthermore, it also claims to suppress one’s appetite, thereby causing the person to eat less and become full easily. Try visiting their official website to see their free trial offers and money-back guaranties. They also offer a complete list of ingredients, clinical studies and hefty product information about the product.

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  • Appetite suppression and immediate fullness
  • Accepted as safe by a good number of doctors
  • Good product support, presented in a scientific manner
  • Money-back guaranty


  • The website offers too much info which borderlines on cheap hard-selling
  • Caffeine content is not too welcomed by some users
  • Very little to no side effects
  • The actual price tag is difficult to come by unless if you’re actually ordering


All things considered, SlimAlli works like most weight loss supplements in the market today. It’s a pill that’s designed to aid in fat-burning, appetite suppression and energy boosting. The product appears to be safe to use with no known side effects apart from the usual effects of caffeine. There is nothing remarkably surprising about the product but it doesn’t look too bad either. < p>

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