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Weight loss products don’t only comprise of dietary capsules and pills. There are also unique varieties that claim to have the same effects which are needed for losing weight. One of these products is called SlimChews. SlimChews is a diet chew that claims to help users lose weight through appetite suppression, increased metabolism and improved energy. It is taken in pretty much the same way as candy and bubblegum but this time, with different intentions of course. The manufacturers of SlimChews claim that their product is ten times more effective than regular capsule-format supplements. They also say that the weight loss of SlimChews users can vary from somewhere between 5 to 20lbs in the first month alone. Their official website offers a very affordable trial price of only $1 for a pack of SlimChews. This of course does not involve shipping and handling fees yet. They then give customers a 15-day grace period to see if they like the product or not. And if they do, they are then charged a monthly fee of around $43.95 for a month’s supply of the supplement. This offer however is labeled as a scam by a lot of consumers. They say that they were not made aware of the 15-day trial period and that they were surprised by the bill that came in the month after. Although in the manufacturer’s defense, these terms do appear legibly in the website, they should probably make it more pronounced so that unknowing consumers will be educated from the beginning. After all, more than $40 a month for what appears to be candy, is considered unthinkable for some. There are also complaints about the product’s effectivity saying that their appetites have not been lessened in any way after taking SlimChews.


The two main ingredients of SlimChews include the South African Hoodia and Brazilian Cha De Bugre. The combination of the two claims to make users eat less, reduce calorie intake, boost their metabolism and increase their energy.

Product Features

SlimChews come in at a very handy size. They are easy to carry around and can be taken at any time of day. They claim to help people who are on a mission to lose weight by suppressing hunger and improving metabolism. Information about the product can be viewed at an accessible website although the trial offer is something that should be carefully studied first.

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  • Convenient to carry around
  • Chewable unlike most dietary supplements
  • No known side effects
  • An eye-catching and informative website with customer service


  • Misleading trial offer and price
  • Automatic subscription upon agreement to trial offer
  • Very expensive at $44 a pack


SlimChews offer a novel way of taking weight loss supplements. It contains two pretty basic and average ingredients which can be found on most products of the same intention. The product does not have any side effects but some users claim that it does not work either. Their official website offers it at a very low initial price but the automatic subscription is not something that customers can look forward to. In fact, they should be very careful upon enrollment to the said offer which most people consider as a deceiving sales method.

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    Elizabeth Lutz

    I did not receive the order I was billed for. I do not want this product. Please refund my credit card.