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Editor's Review: 2.7 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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SlimDemand is a weight loss capsule that claims to help limit a user’s appetite while encouraging the body to burn away excess fat. The manufacturer of SlimDemand is a company called Young You Corporation who are an FDA registered supplier of foods, as well as health aids. They have products in the weight loss, anti-aging, and skin-care fields.

SlimDemand is fairly new to the diet market and utilizes Daidaihua as it’s number one ingredient. SlimDemand is supposed to begin working immediately to suppress your appetite and start burning away the excess fat stored in your body. It’s very difficult to find the official website using basic search engines so we recommend searching directly for the manufacturer. The other results seem to be a flood of privately owned businesses that will require a membership. This product is very expensive at almost $75.00 for 30 capsules, so you don’t want to pay for a membership fee just to be able to purchase the product as well.

List of Ingredients

SlimDemand contains: Daidaihua extract, Poria Cocos, and Guarana.

Product Features

The biggest feature of SlimDemand is the ingredient Daidaihua. This ingredient is becoming a popular alternative in many weight loss products but there isn’t a lot of information available that tells us just how well it works. Daidaihua has supposedly been used for centuries in China to promote all kinds of health benefits.

Poria Cocos is also a Chinese herb that has been used as a remedy to treat your internal organs, and as an antibiotic. There isn’t much information available on this alternative herb either. The official SlimDemand website is very vague and pretty much only has a shopping cart with a few paragraphs describing what the product does. We would have liked to see a history of the ingredients along with some scientific data to help consumers evaluate the product a little better.

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  • SlimDemand is made from all-natural ingredients.


  • Expensive. A 30 day supply of Slim Demand is almost $75 without shipping costs.
  • There is little scientific research available on the main ingredients, which are Chinese herbs.
  • There isn’t a money-back guarantee available on the official website.


We are very excited about companies trying to sell all natural products that aren’t loaded with all kinds of chemicals and preservatives, but SlimDemand just doesn’t have a lot going for it at all. With three ingredients in the formula and a price tag near $75.00, this is one of the more expensive all natural weight loss supplements around. You can find similar products much cheaper, and they may contain more potent and proven ingredients. We can’t get too thrilled about this product at this time because there just isn’t enough information to give it a positive or negative recommendation at all.

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