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Weight loss has always been a very big issue in society. And to respond to this, man has remained creative in making ways on how to lose weight. Most of the time, we tend to go for options that require less effort, less pain and less hassle. Not only are their edible health supplements for weight loss, there are also gadgets and contraptions that claim to offer the same result- a quick and painless way to look and feel good. One of these contraptions is the Slimdome. The Slimdome is a machine that looks very similar to a tanning bed. To use it, one simply has to lie down inside the machine and let the heat do its work. Many high-end spas across the country have Slimdome units as part of their health and wellness amenities. They claim that in just a single 40-minute session, one can burn up to 600 calories. They say that using Slimdome can cause reduced body fat, improved blood circulation, alleviated rheumatism and arthritis. They even assert to the process being able to clear one’s skin and eliminate acne problems.


Since this isn’t a health supplement, pill or tablet, an ingredients list is not available. What we can tell you is that the machine is said to have been developed from a Japanese technology that’s designed to detoxify the body and provide various health benefits. In terms of built, just like a normal tanning bed, the Slimdome’s frame is mostly made out of hard plastic and metal with comfort foams on the inside for the user.

Product Features

Wellness spas all over the United States are already offering Slimdome as the newest way to lose those extra pounds. The experience of using the product is a combination of being inside a sauna and lying in a tanning bed. The machine, according to its manufacturers and promoters, uses Far Infrared (FIR) emissions to cause heavy sweating from the body’s sebaceous glands. The result therefore is a lot of oily sweat for the user. A lot of people are very comfortable with the heat, even feeling relaxed by the entire experience. Some however avoid the product because they feel uncomfortable and irritated with the heat, sweat and oil.

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  • Requires little to no effort for the user
  • Easy to access if you’re a member of spas and health clubs
  • Offers a lot of other health benefits aside from weight loss


  • People with certain medical conditions are not advised to use the Slimdome
  • Critics say that the weight loss is only due to the lost water from all the sweating
  • Most Slimdome treatments are priced too highly and are out of the average person’s budget


Slimdome offers an interesting and convenient alternative to weight loss. The many different benefits it claims to give could be worth the hefty price. Although for dieters on a tight budget, a healthy lifestyle, coupled with some exercise is probably still the best way to go.

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    who has the SlimDome on Long Island NY. I would love to try this


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    Where can I find a place to go for slim dome treatments in Fort,Wayne IN?


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    Can a person with stainless steel rods down the entire spine use the Slimdome?? Will the metal get too hot?


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    Shelly Troutwine

    Where do you purchase a slimdome at? How much does a slimdome cost?