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There are a lot of diet pills and capsules in the market and they all promise the same thing–effective and effort-free weight loss. Another one of the diet supplements that you may encounter is a product called Sliminate. The manufacturers of Sliminate claim that their product can help dieters to lose weight though natural fat-burning processes, even claiming that weight loss has never been so simple and pleasant. Part of their advertising campaigns are statements saying that with continued use of Sliminate, users can go and eat whatever they want and still lose weight. Claims like this are highly suspicious because we all know that the food we intake greatly affects our bodies. No amount of drugs can suffice if we keep on eating unhealthily. They do however say that this claim is based on the product’s effect which is to increase the body’s metabolic rate. Sliminate’s ingredients are said to be based on organic Chinese ingredients that not only speed up the body’s metabolism but also suppress one’s appetite. Be careful however because there are a few online testimonials saying that Sliminate is just another one of those diet pills that don’t work. One website claims that Sliminate’s manufacturers, Kunning Dali LLC are also the makers of an ineffective diet pill called LiDa DaiDaihua. This other product in fact is included in FDA’s Tainted Diet Pills Warning.


Most of Sliminate’s active ingredients are said to have been based on traditional Chinese medicine. This includes Bitter Orange that can stimulate one’s metabolism, Job’s Tears Seeds that has diuretic and antioxidant properties, Mulberry Leaf that can control the body’s glucose levels, and Cassio Tora L which also has diuretic effects on people. Looking at these main ingredients, we can see that majority of Sliminate’s effects are mainly diuretic, meaning more trips to the bathroom and an active loss of water from the body. While this is a sure way to lose weight, the weight loss may only be because of the lost water and not burned fat.

Product Features

Sliminate claims to help dieters lose weight by speeding up their metabolism and making their body’s burn food faster. They say that it can also suppress one’s appetite. This herbal-based supplement is advised to be taken once a day only.

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  • Increased metabolism
  • A promise of being able to eat whatever you want and still lose weight
  • Organic and all-natural ingredients


  • Claimed as ineffective by some online testimonials
  • Lack of scientific research and evidence presented
  • Ingredients are mostly diuretic in nature only


Herbal and all-natural ingredients are usually a good thing. Chinese medicine, what Sliminate claims to be based on, has been in existence for so long and is seen as effective by many people. With regards to Sliminate however, they need to present more scientific evidence that proves their claims and pretty big promises. Potential customers may want to take a closer look at the product first before purchasing it because some sites are calling it an ineffective diet scam.

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    where can i buy sliminate pills from i loved them and they worked


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    where can i buy sliminate pills from i loved them and they disappeared