SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills Review

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What You Should Know

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Before selecting any weight loss pill or program, it is wise to consult your doctor. This way you can better determine if any health conditions or concerns apply. As you may know, some dietary supplements for weight reduction are not suitable for everyone. If you are already taking a prescription medicine, this can interfere with a diet pill, depending on what the formula is. In this piece, we will focus on SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills. This is a diet product geared mostly toward women, and it sells for $79 (60 capsules). Like many weight loss pills on the market today, this capsule formula is taken daily for maximum results.


  • Green Tea Extract
  • Chili Pepper
  • Caffeine
  • Herbal Energy Boosters

Product Features

SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills aim to assist with weight loss by speeding up your metabolism, suppressing appetite, increasing energy levels, and supplying the body with antioxidants. Although there does not appear to be an official website found for this diet product, you can find some success stories with before and after photos located on distributor websites. The major ingredients used in SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills are posted on dealer websites as well; however, a full ingredient list is not provided.

The primary active ingredient mentioned for SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills is Chili Pepper. Some research has shown that chili peppers, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and other chili powders can boost thermo genesis. In other words, this ingredient can increase your core heat so that you burn off more calories. This in turn can result in weight loss. A second key ingredient found in this formula is Green tea Extract, which is added to provide the body with antioxidants and improve the metabolism, as well as energy levels. Caffeine is used in this supplement to increase energy levels as well. Some Herbal Energy Boosters are also added to SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills, but they are not specified.

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  • Some before and after photos are found online for this diet pill.
  • The key ingredients used in SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills are natural.


  • It is unclear whether or not SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills come with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • This weight loss pill costs $79, which is high in comparison to others.
  • No complete ingredient list is provided.
  • There is no official website found for this product.


It is concerning that no official website is found for SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills. This alone may deter some dieters. You should also keep in mind that a complete list of ingredients was not found for this weight loss pill. Nor is there a satisfaction guarantee mentioned for this product. This means if you spend the $79, and are unsatisfied, you are simply out $79. On a final note, it is nice to see that the key ingredients used in SlimKick Chilli Slimming Pills are natural.

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