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Obesity and weight loss are problems which are not only restricted to adults. Even kids face these problems due to the sedentary lifestyles and wrong diet practices brought on by their parents or guardians. Kids who suffer from obesity experience a lack of self-confidence as well as discrimination from their peers. To combat this, weight loss programs have also been put up to help kids get physically fit. One of these programs is the Slimkids Program. The program has been in existence since 1995 and was designed to help overweight children and teens, lose weight easily and most of all safely. The founders of Slimkids say that the program’s secret is healthy eating. They offer nutritional coaching and food suggestions that meet the daily nutritional requirements of kids while staying at very healthy portions. Slimkids says that their program is safe and dietician approved. It encourages parents to work closely with the kids in order to promote three things: diet, activity and habit. According to their website, the program can help kids eleven years old and under to lose an average of 1 to 1½ pounds a week. They say that 75% of the kids who undergo the program lose at least 12 pounds. The entire program only costs less than $23. This includes the booklets and a year’s worth of professional support.


The Slimkids program adheres strictly to the healthy food pyramid. This means that sugary snacks and drinks, as well as fast foods, sport drinks and other common carbs are naturally discouraged. They provide food menus with items such as chicken salad, fuits, scrambled eggs, milk and occasionally even some popcorn and milkshake. What’s good about it is that it still includes a decent amount of the usual treats that kids enjoy.

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The program’s founder is said to have been inspired by her own personal experience of being an overweight teenager. The Slimkids program says that they follow the USDA guidelines, daily nutritional requirements and the food pyramid. The process is based largely on the parents’ participation and supervision of the children because it is ultimately up to them to enforce and maintain the program on their kids. What’s good about the program is that it does not deprive kids from eating some of their usual favorites such as hamburgers and milkshakes. This way, they don’t feel deprived or forced into healthy-eating. The program allows 64 grams of fat per day to be included in the kids’ meals.

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  • Offers simple and clear instructions on how to achieve weight loss for the kids
  • Promotes activity and healthy habits, not just dieting
  • Allows parents to work closely with their children
  • Meals are nutritious and quite delicious as well


  • Without parental supervision, the entire program may not have any effect on the kids
  • Sticking to the program and getting your kids to follow it may be a very difficult task because some of its rules will be very unpopular with them


The Slimkids program looks like a very good way to start your kids into a healthier lifestyle. It may become difficult to convince your kids to participate fully though because they will have to adjust their lifestyle accordingly. The food menus are well-planned and very doable. The company’s proven history is also something worth noting.

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    I started the Slimkids program for my two teenaged boys and my husband and I joined them on the plan. So far, in three weeks, we have lost a total of 19 lbs. between us. The program works. You don’t feel hungry. I just wished there were more sample meal plans. The program was very affordable. The food used on the sample week plan that is given is affordable as well and is food that our family enjoys anyways. It is real food and not quick fix promises like shakes and meal bars that don’t feel you up as promised. It is not just a diet, it trains you to eat healthy for life unlike yo-yo diets that claims to help you lose weight but once you are off their program you gain it back. The fact that the author and developer of the program struggled with weight as a child and had children who struggled with weight makes it feel like we are not alone in fighting weight loss efforts. I would recommend Slimkids to everyone and anyone.



    HI Jamey,
    If you get this comment, I’m wondering if you have any updates on how things have gone for you and your family on Slimkids? I’m considering purchasing it to help me with my 6 year old daughter.

    A few months later now, would you still recommend it as a good program?




    I am thinking about starting my 6 year old daughter on this as well, can you tell me if you started it and what your thoughts are?




    Hi Leslie,

    I too have a 6 y/o that I would like to help and was wondering if you ever purchased the slimkids. If so, how did it work out for your daughter?