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As you have probably noticed, there are plenty of workout machines gracing today’s weight loss market. It does not matter if you are trying to get your legs, buttocks, abdominals, arms or core in shape, there is likely to be an exercise device to assist you with this. Take the Slimline Power Strider for instance. The official website for this product claims that users can go down two sizes within a two-week period. As with so many other workout tools and fitness machines, this one is purchased directly through the website and requires five payment installments ($29.99).

The purpose of the Slimline Power Strider is to help users burn away fat from their thighs, legs, stomach, buttocks, and hips. After using regularly for a period of time, users should experience fat loss and a leaner physique. It is directed to be used twice daily for ten minutes each time. The Slimline Power Strider is endorsed by one Kita Johnson, and is manufactured by Lohan Fitness. There is a 1-800 number provided on the official website, which can be utilized at any time to place and order or make inquiries.

Product Features

The Slimline Power Strider is an exercise device that can be utilized 20 minutes per day to potentially aid with fat reduction. This fitness tool is geared more toward women on the official website, and is also endorsed by a women. When you purchase the Slimline Power Strider, you additionally get a Two-Week Trimdown Fat Loss Program (100 meal plans, exercise routines, tips and daily goals), and Kita’s 10-Minute Fat Blaster DVD (metabolism boosting tips, six workouts, and ways to target problem areas). An FAQ section appears on the website to help users and potential buyers. Fortunately the Slimline Power Strider does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. There are no testimonials or reviews provided from past buyers on the website.

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  • The Slimline Power Strider is sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • There is a convenient 1-800 number and FAQ page provided on the official website.


  • The cost of the Slimline Power Strider may not be suitable for some budgets (five payments of $29.99)
  • There are no positive reviews or success stories with before and after photos presented on the official website.
  • There are no convenient appetite suppressants or fat burners incorporated with this fitness tool.
  • The official website appears more like an ad than a real product overview.


When it comes to products like the Slimline Power Strider, it really depends on whether or not you are searching for a fitness device or a dietary supplement. With this type of product, you can certainly get some sort of workout. However, you may not be seeking out a piece of fitness equipment. Especially one that costs you five payments of $29.99. If this is the case, you should continue your search for a diet plan or fat reduction supplement that may better suit your individual needs. There are certainly many to choose from.

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2 User Reviews about Slimline Power Strider

  • 1
    Thomas M. Love

    How do I get repair parts list for my power strider? The control mast pole is broken at the base and the wires are still intact.


  • 2
    Al in NC

    I bought my Slimline Power Strider at least 2 years ago, unwilling to shell out big bucks for a machine I wasn’t sure I’d use. A good move; I used it for about a month and it has leaned against my basement wall all this time. At 58 years old my doc told me what I already knew, I needed to move my body a lot more. So I’ve taken it down from the wall and been using it about one week. My feeling is this is a very simple workout machine. You want to get into a heartbeat zone, you can do it with this. You want to stretch and move your body, you can do it with this. You want to work up a sweat, no sweat, you can do it with this. I’m a guy, am not overweight, so I can say nothing as to the claims of burning fat down so you can fit into two dress sizes smaller, ladies. But it stands to reason if you want to burn calories and thus burn fat off, there’s no reason this machine can’t do the job. Just need the willingness to get it off the wall and use it. My wife’s pricey elliptical stands idle in a back room, taking up a huge footprint of space, while this thing easily leans against the wall, out of the way, or it could fit under a sofa too.

    My complaints are the mickey mouse display fell apart and doesn’t really tell you much. And, I’ve tightened up the controls to give me the maximum resistance and i’d like more. But for the price it’s an OK workout, you just have to USE IT!!!!!